Future Fellowships for two Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute researchers

Two Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) researchers have been awarded Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowships worth almost $1.9 million. Congratulations to Professor Ana Traven and Dr Karla Hutt.

Professor Traven will receive $1,024,765 for her project titled ‘Metabolic control of gene expression networks and microbiome interactions’.

This project aims to advance scientific understanding of how metabolism (and resulting metabolites) regulate the expression of genes, and investigate how these processes dictate the interaction of microbiota with the immune system.

The project is expected to generate transformative knowledge of gene regulation, and decipher how the microbiome yeast Candida albicans interacts with immune cells and bacteria.

“By using a combination of molecular and systems biology with molecular genetics and imaging, the project should foster interdisciplinary collaborations and build capacity for fundamental and applied research to benefit academia and industry,” Professor Traven said.

Dr Hutt will receive $853,284 for her project titled ‘DNA repair: a critical quality control mechanism in the female germ line’.

This project aims to investigate the fundamental biological mechanisms required for the production of high quality gametes, which underpin female fertility and the propagation of all sexually reproducing species.

By taking advantage of unique mouse and avian models, this project expects to define the role of the DNA repair protein TOP3A in the successful completion of meiosis and its requirement for the survival and genetic integrity of gametes throughout their lifespan.

“In doing so, the intended outcome of this project is to dramatically improve our understanding of quality control in the female germ line,” Dr Hutt said.

Professor John Carroll, Monash BDI Director, congratulated the two researchers.

“To receive an ARC Future Fellowship is to be recognised by the Australian Government as an outstanding researcher whose work will benefit people across the world,” Professor Carroll said.

“Congratulations to Ana and Karla on securing these prestigious fellowships,” he said.

Thirteen researchers from across Monash University received ARC Future Fellowships, worth more than $11 million, as part of a collective $87.8 million research investment announced by the federal government last week.

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