Future sociologists discussed gender issues in modern society

Discussion in the format of a round table, organized by E.P. Shishmolina, was devoted to one of the issues of modern sociology – gender studies.
First-year students of the Sociology direction prepared informative messages in English, which highlighted the main areas of gender studies, problems of gender equality, gender roles and stereotypes. During the discussions, the students expressed their point of view on each issue, all the speeches aroused great interest of the audience.

The roundtable participants noted that the field of gender studies in sociology is constantly evolving and is an area of ​​debate and criticism, a clash of opposing positions. An important conclusion was the understanding that the focus of gender studies can be the individual, interactions, structures, societies, political regions, and global processes.

One of the interesting points of discussion was the issue of gender stereotypes in the profession, where gender neutrality is often lacking. For example, the professions of architect and sociologist turn out to be gender neutral in our view, and a nursery teacher or librarian in the minds of many people is a woman’s occupation. During the discussion, examples of gender stereotypes in advertising were also analyzed.

Interdisciplinary integration is one of the priority approaches to the organization of education in modern education. An exchange of views in English on professionally oriented problems allows students to immerse themselves deeper in the content of the disciplines studied, and also contributes to the development of their necessary Soft Skills, such as the ability to listen to each other, clarify information, and reasonably express their point of view, including in a foreign language.

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