GAME Joins India’s #YoungWarrior Movement Against COVID-19

New Delhi: Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) announced its support as Coalition Partner to the nationwide #YoungWarrior movement, initiated by YuWaah and UNICEF. It joins over 1500 coalition partners across Government, Civil Society, UN Agencies and Private Sector to enable the youth of India to address the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The #YoungWarrior Movement is being led by India’s young people between age 10-30. It will see them mobilize and take action by learning new skills and be armed with the right protocols, information to ensure COVID Appropriate Behaviours, dispel vaccine hesitancy, enable peer-to-peer mental health support and much more.

For this, the young warriors will execute a series of easy and real-life tasks, earning a certificate of participation by UNICEF for their actions. These tasks will be hosted on online and offline platforms in 10 regional languages. Some of these tasks are: ‘Fake news police’: train in myth-busting tools to detect myths/falsehood/misinformation; ‘Vaccine buddy’: to encourage registration for vaccination and ‘Tension buster’: to enable peer-to-peer mental health support by young people.

Towards these efforts, GAME will enable the young warriors with supporting amplification of the initiative, extend relevant resources available across the Alliance and strategic support for the overall mission.

Pledging his support to the initiative, M. Srinivas Rao, CEO  GAME said, “We are delighted to be a coalition partner to the nationwide #YoungWarrior movement, initiated by YuWaah and UNICEF. At GAME, we help build entrepreneurs and that journey starts with being leaders who are themselves the change a society seeks. These young COVID warriors are rising up to the challenge and GAME will help mobilise these young leaders to lead, follow and address India’s ongoing COVID crisis. We are inspired to contribute towards the #YoungWarrior movement by invigorating our entrepreneurial networks across various states in India.”

Abhishek Gupta, CEO, YuWaah said, “Young people of India have been showing exemplary signs of leadership and responsibility during this COVID-19 pandemic. The self-starter and entrepreneurial streak is evident in our youth and it is our duty as society to provide a national platform to them to showcase their capabilities. The #YoungWarrior movement has been initiated for this purpose, and with GAME and the 1500+ partners’ support on board, our youth will tremendously benefit from their vast pool of resources and guidance.”

The #YoungWarrior movement has been making waves among the country’s younger audiences, reaching over 77 million through its mass media outreach and over 44 million on social media.

To be part of the #YoungWarrior movement:

  • Type ‘YWA’ and send it to +91 96504 14141 on WhatsApp (linked to a tech-based chat-bot platform called U-Report); OR
  • Give a missed call to 080-66019225 (an Interactive Voice Response (IVR)-based platform for those without WhatsApp / Internet service on their phones)
  • Take the pledge, post ‘I am a #YoungWarrior’ & tag 5 friends on social media

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