Gannon University: Gannon biology represents, takes grants and award at Pennsylvania Academy of Science meeting

Gannon faculty and students, including those from the on-campus Covid-19 surveillance lab team, presented at the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, the 97th Annual Meeting at DeSales University.

Madison Heeter articulated work done by the team in a presentation of Genomic surveillance of Sars-CoV-2 variants enhances mitigation strategies and reveals viral evolution in a university campus context.

Biology faculty including Christopher Dempsey demonstrated research done in Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay, using Gannon’s research vessel the Environaut, while others including Catalia Ordonez, Mikyung Jang and Dr. Quyen Aoh shared findings on the Role of SCAMP3 Regulating CSCR4 Trafficking. See more from their experience here. Catalina also received a PAS student research grant.

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