Gannon University: Gannon post-professional occupational therapy doctorate student Teri Krassen earns Clinical Excellence Award

Gannon post-professional occupational therapy doctorate student Teri Krassen, a soon-to-be graduate, received the Clinical Excellence Award for Genesis Rehab that was based on her capstone project work in falls prevention. There were 18 people nominated across the region of the company.

Krassen credits the Gannon PPOTD program, instruction received, and help from her capstone advisor.

She was nominated by her supervisor, who stated “Teri Krassen OT/DOR at Country Meadows of Allentown has been sharing her expertise in the area of Falls Management with the community as she pursues her doctorate degree. Teri has been an [occupational therapist] for over 30 years and always keeps abreast of clinical strategies and programming that can support the center.”

“Her doctorate capstone involves caregiver education as a means of reducing falls. She has been able to work with this customer on this project and so far they have seen some great results in the area of the caregivers gaining knowledge on how to help residents and prevent falls.”

“Teri took the initiative… since falls are such a hot topic at every site to collaborate and integrate what she is working on while sharing the information with them to impact their falls on the campus. Each day residents with falls are reviewed on the campus and weekly a list is provided of those residents that have frequent falls. Teri has been able to assimilate this information and help the campus focus on next steps as well as involve the interdisciplinary therapy team to determine the disciplines that may have the biggest impact.”

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