Gannon University: Gannon Women’s Basketball honors the generosity of St. Luke Catholic School in Erie

A local school received a prize Wednesday, April 27 to congratulate them on collecting the most items for a fundraiser.

Gannon University women’s basketball team visited St. Luke Catholic School to present a prize to them for collecting over 17,000 items in 2020 that were donated to the Kids Café of the Neighborhood Art House and Saint Martin Center.

The Lady Knights also congratulated St. Luke’s women’s basketball team on winning third in the state by playing a scrimmage game with the 8th-grade girls varsity basketball team.

Staff at the school shared what it meant to them to have Gannon’s team congratulate them two years after the fundraiser.

“It speaks volumes for Gannon. The fact that they have such community outreach and that they’re willing two years after the fact to still come and congratulate us and be a part of the school,” said Don Fuller, Principal at St. Luke’s Catholic School.

Fuller said the St. Luke Athletic Department will continue to participate in fundraisers and give back to the community.