Gannon University: Regional Summer School of Excellence expands laboratory and life science studies for local students

Gannon’s Regional Summer School of Excellence, going on now, is a free two-week program designed for students interested in the sciences, and who would like to study health effects related to environmental issues.

The Summer School of Excellence allows 30 current high school sophomores and juniors from the tri-state area to participate in intensive laboratory and field site study in the life sciences, working aboard Gannon University’s research vessel, the Environaut, while studying Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay.
During the program, students work collaboratively with Gannon faculty and students, as well as with fellow high school students sharing an interest in the sciences. They will:

Learn standard methods and techniques for researching environmental health problems such as water chemistry, lake pollution and population dynamics, eutrophication, plastic pollution, air pollution and acid rain.

Become more familiar with coastal zone management, life science applications in medicine, public health, epidemiology, toxicology, environmental health, zoology, ecology, limnology, histology, analytical chemistry, microbiology, and embryology.
Experience college-level lab and research projects.
Explore career opportunities in the fields of chemistry, biological sciences, environmental science and engineering, medicine and public health.
The Regional Summer School of Excellence is sponsored by Gannon University and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.