Gargi College organized conference on “NeuroEunoia 2020: A Neuroscience Affair”

New Delhi: On 16-17 October 2020, Gargi College organized “NeuroEunoia 2020: A Neuroscience Affair”, a conference on understanding brain and mental health consciousness and saw massive participation from across disciplines.
‘It is critical that today’s youth are conscious of different facets of mental health. This is important for both individual well-being and community,’ believes Dr. Promila Kumar, the conference’s patron.
Typically, sleep and mental disorders arise at a similar time, and later in life, untreated sleep disorders can increase the chances of developing psychiatric problems, such as depression. The value of sleep, which is the most compromised in the current scenario, is also important for students to realize. The most common psychiatric conditions linked to sleep complaints are depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.
One of the major mental health issues remain neurodegenerative diseases. Nowadays, some very age-dependent disorders are increasing, as the elderly population has recently increased as a result of medical facility innovations. It is therefore important that the youth become involved in pursuing research in neuroscience. There is a need to actively encourage and endorse this kind of involvement. Both of these and the adjunct problems were extensively discussed at NeuroEunoia 2020 by highly educated and expert speakers. Starting right from the notion of being a super ager, accompanied by the trends of dyslexia inheritance, to the wonders that the brain can perform, brought this journey from memory formation to artificial intelligence through these talks. There was something for any and every discipline at the conference. Therefore, unforeseen participation from across various disciplines, Indian states and even nations was seen. The subsequent talks raised consciousness among the participants about the neurophysiological aspects of children with ADHD.

As a miniscule attempt to understand the broad field of neuroscience, the conference began and the talks infused everyone with greater curiosity in the subject and mental well-being. It was indeed a stepping stone towards a more inclusive society.