Gautam Gambhir backs FYI Health, a health-tech community product that launches today

New Delhi: FYI Health, a community health monitoring solution exclusively designed for enterprise use launched today in India. Backed by former cricketer and current member of the Lok Sabha, Gautam Gambhir, FYI Health allows companies of all sizes to create a safe environment for their workforce by enabling a daily health check-in for employees, employers and guests visiting the corporate eco-system and contact tracing, if and when required. FYI Health is unique to the work community it is deployed in and provides employers with a health dashboard that showcases the overall health index of employees in a corporate location, that allows them to take timely and pre-emptive action pertaining to flagged cases and those vulnerable to transmission.

FYI Health works on herd intelligence. It qualifies each user to contribute to the community on the enterprise network within an establishment such as a hotel, factory, corporate office, schools and more. Hence, it presents any establishment that has FYI Health with a business continuity plan and social immunity against any challenging health emergencies. Early adopters include the Radisson Blu hotel in Dwarka, Delhi and educational institutions such as Ramjas School and Lilawati Senior Secondary School that have committed to deploying FYI Health to secure their corporate environment and workforce.

“FYI Health is a pioneering effort and is a much required innovation in the fight against Covid-19 and the potential rebound if any. It provides companies and its employees a win-win, easy to use health-tech product. It gives employers the control to further their goal of keeping their workforce safe and to employees the privacy and control they desire over their own data”, said Gautam Gambhir. “We are in the thick of this fight against Covid-19 and all indicators point to this being long drawn. My personal backing and support to FYI Health comes from my own desire to contribute towards helping fight this crisis in whatever way I can. Testing and tracing are vital measures in helping reduce the virus spreading”, he added.

Once deployed at any of its location by a company, its workforce that use the location become a part of the FYI Health safety net and their health status is captured on the system in real time. In case of any health red flag, FYI Health identifies all employees that are exposed to possible transmission of the virus through a highly secure Bluetooth based contact tracing technology solution. This enables the corporate administrator to take speedy action and secure all vulnerable employees. User and data privacy, which is a predominant focus of FYI Health is achieved by ensuring that all user data is stored locally on the user’s mobile phone and is automatically deleted every 21 days. Only in the case of a confirmed case displaying Covid-19 symptoms, is the contact data made available to the administrator for informing the potentially exposed, so that they can get tested.
Available on Android currently and for iOS shortly, FYI Health is a subscription based pricing model and is available on its website at
“In a recent survey by FYI Health with India Inc. employees, we found them to be stressed to return to the workplace after the lockdown, owing to health concerns. The survey made other interesting discoveries, chief among them being that employees expect their employers to deploy innovative solutions to protect their health. Employees said they would comply with such measures despite perceived inconveniences for the larger good of the organization and their co-workers”, said Yash Raj Gupta, Founder & CEO, FYI Health. “With FYI Health, companies can build a health index for their organisation that puts them in the driver’s seat by being aware of any potential health safety concerns in real time and can take action with both isolating the user and mapping out their contact history, when the need arises. FYI Health can help employers empathetically address employee concerns about their health and the assurance they need on their return to the workplace”.

A recent survey by FYI with employees of India Inc. confirms that the pandemic has raised the expectation that employees have of their employer towards their health. An overwhelming 99% employees said that they would like to see a system of Corporate Health Responsibility (CHR) made mandatory for employers, just like there is in force a system of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Currently with the launch of this solution and in the long term, FYI Health is focused on offering innovative solutions that allows companies to enable Corporate Health Responsibility (CHR) actions.