GD Goenka University does Khurafat with RJ Nitin

Gurugram: GD Goenka University, School Of Communication organised a non-stop 2 hour session of hysteria bundled with fun, learning, motivation and excitement with the most awarded RJ Khurafati Nitin. Khurafati Nitin got tricked at the campus by the pretty twin sisters Noor and Nehmat, who opened the session in Khurafati style which left the RJ ironically ‘speechless’.

A name synonym with fun, flavour, and comedy, the man with the gift of the gab, RJ Nitin is most popular for doing prank calls on people. He spoke to the students about life, work ethics and the qualities required to connect with your audience through Radio. Nitin gave an insight to students about his dreams and career as an RJ. In his decade long career, he has changed the way Radio Jockeying is perceived. Today, he is using the medium for creating awareness about important issues. Nitin has been doing CSR activities for many years now He supports issues related to women safety, acid attack survivors, human rights of prisoners, differently abled people etc.

Khurafati Nitin also talked about the upswings and downswings of his life and importance of learning from society. From selling samosas to support his family to becoming a radio rage, the star has seen it all. “During my low phase, I rented a small stall in Gurgaon to sell samosas for my living. I had no job, no money even to pay my house rent. With the support of my family and friends I re-invented myself and decided to do meaningful radio on getting back to the medium,” said Nitin. The RJ encouraged students by sharing a motto of his life- “Change is the key of life, change is uncomfortable but if we realize change, life would be better. I believe radio is a powerful medium and we must use it wisely to bring a beautiful change in the society.”

Talking about the current trends in Radio, he talked about his aim of bringing old music to the new generation in an entertaining manner through Big FM 92.7. He also stated that evergreen radio content is always simple, colloquial and something that touches to the heart. Radio is a like an all-time friend that gives information as well as entertainment, to make content interesting one must have a specific target audience and generate content from the viewers’ point of view. The RJ encouraged students to be aware of everything around them and be grounded human beings.

Prof. (Dr.) Ritu Sood, the Dean of School of Communication, G D Goenka University said” Khurafati Nitin’s session was an enriching one for our students. He emphasized on Radio as an agent of change and a revolutionary tool for development communication. I believe radio continues to garner massive audiences and serves as a beacon of information and entertainment. The role of the RJ has evolved over time, and Nitin is keeping pace with it making him the most loved RJ in town.”