GDC Kishtwar hosts series of activities to celebrate “Earth Day”


KISHTWAR:  To celebrate the “Earth Day- Invest in Our Planet” NCC unit of Government Degree College Kishtwar today launched a drive to make investments in different ways.

The NCC cadets took pledge to plant “One Tree by One Cadet” every year and say “No to Plastic”.

On the occasion, CTO Akshay Sharma spoke about the importance of celebration of Earth Day. He said that it was the responsibility of each and every cadet to spread as much awareness as they can regarding the various aspects of investments in Earth such as saying no to the usage of plastic, planting more trees, conserving water etc.

Lt. (Dr.) Madhu Bala also stressed upon the use of substitutes for plastics besides planting as many trees as they can in order to restore the barren land.

After this, NCC cadets marched towards the parade ground to clean it. They cleaned the parade ground and also educated and sensitized the people present there not to use plastic and avoid litering.

Akhil Kumar (JUO, SD), Jahida Khatoon (JUO, SW) and Sunny Kumar (Cadet) appealed to the general public not to use plastic and use dustbins for throwing any waste material instead of littering waste material here and there.

Thereafter, they planted some trees to contribute to afforestation.


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