GDC Nowshera develops Herbal Garden on college Campus

Nowshera: Department of Botany, Government Degree College, Nowshera, has initiated the establishment of a Herbal Garden on the college campus.

A fallow piece of land was selected for the purpose. A variety of plants like Aloe-vera, Ashwagandha, Murraya (currypatta), mint, Tradescantia, Kalanchoe (patharchatta), Arjun, Bahera, Amla, Mauleshri (Mimusops elengi) etc. were planted. Majority of these plants were donated by Ramesh Chander, owner of Sharma Plant Nursery at village Siot (Sunderbani). The Aim of setting up of Herbal Garden in the college is to promote the cultivation and conservation of medicinal plants and to aware the students about the uses of medicinal herbs.

A large number of students and staff of the college enthusiastically planted the saplings. Principal, Dr. Surinder Kumar, stressed upon the importance of local plants in traditional systems of medicine. He motivated the students and staff to enrich the herbal garden with more plants in future.

Dr. Abdul Rashid Manhas, Associate Professor Urdu, University of Jammu was also present on the occasion and he also planted one sapling.


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