GE Digital Launching Solution to Optimize Airline Function via Teradata

California: GE Digital and Teradata today announced the release of a new GE Digital software solution that integrates with Teradata Vantage, the cloud data analytics platform, to provide blended enterprise and operations data in an aviation-specific data model. The solution, Flight Data Link, helps accelerate airlines’ digital transformation – driving reduced expenses and greater insights into operations by integrating customer, maintenance, and supply chain data.

Flight Data Link allows flight data from GE Digital’s Event Measurement System (EMS), a comprehensive flight data processing system delivering fast, accurate, and actionable insights, to be made available through Teradata Vantage. Vantage powers an enterprises’ data analytic ecosystem – integrating all relevant data into a single platform to make analytics available across the enterprise. By merging flight data with operational data in Vantage, airlines are able to perform complex analysis of multiple flights across their fleets. Combining EMS and Vantage helps airlines connect the dots from operational data to flight data, giving them the ability to gain new insight across their airline.

“We’re proud that GE Digital’s innovative new product will utilize our Vantage platform, leveraging Teradata’s world class platform for aviation analytics so that leading airlines across the globe will be able to use data as their greatest asset,” said Scott Collins, VP Global Partnership Organization at Teradata. “Vantage provides GE Digital with the flexibility of a multi-cloud platform that makes it easy to deliver their new offerings and the two companies are also working together on integrated software that makes it easier for our joint customers to consume more data and insights.”

Connecting full flight data with Teradata Vantage provides the ability to do complex analytical functions across multiple flights, routes, and assets. Business users can apply a BI tool or programming language (i.e. Python, R, Java) to perform analysis, and then airlines can leverage the integrated data across their ecosystem to recommend specific actions based on flight behaviour and data understanding. Further, airlines can maximize equipment and operational data (outside of and in addition to the safety team) by using full flight data for predictive maintenance and – with the integration of supply chain data – help improve operations.

“The combination of GE’s aviation experience and GE Digital’s software expertise, integrated with the world’s most robust platform for scalable analytics, allows airlines to prioritize passenger experience as well as revenue growth,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager for GE Digital’s Aviation Software group. “Our deep partnership with Teradata allows us to build exciting solutions that integrate multiple data types, both from the enterprise as well as operations to drive powerful outcomes.

Flight Data Link allows flight safety teams to easily provide flight data to other teams across an airline for their analytical purposes. The solution automates this flow of valuable flight data while still providing governance. By utilizing near real-time flight data for predictive maintenance and integrating supply chain data into maintenance planning and events, Flight Data Link drives efficiency in operations and reduces costs by managing flights and assets better.

Teradata Vantage is the leading multi-cloud data analytics software platform that enables ecosystem simplification by unifying analytics, data lakes and data warehouses. With the enterprise scale of Vantage, companies can eliminate silos and cost-effectively query all their data to get a complete view of their business.


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