Gender Sensitization should be included in subjects of Foundation Course – Governor Tandon

Bhopal : Governor Shri Lalji Tandon has emphasised on the need for change in social behaviour to make the society free from crime against women. He said that sensitivity in social behaviour towards women is utmost important to pave the way for their empowerment.

Shri Tandon has said that change in social behaviour is possible only with the active support of the youth. He laid stress on the need for educating youth on social behaviour towards women. The Governor said that sensitivity to female discrimination should be included in the syllabus of foundation course. During the discussion with the officials, he expressed concern over incidents related to abuse against women.

Governor Shri Tandon said that the graduation level foundation course syllabus should include social and lawful behaviour towards women. They should be informed about the schemes implemented for the welfare of women. Also, women would be motivated for active participation in the empowerment and self-reliance efforts. Youth must be made aware of freeing the society from evil practices. Shri Tandon said that by doing this, the future generation will be free from discrimination between women and men. Social behaviour towards women will become sensitive. The Governor told Vice Chancellor, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University of Social Sciences, Mhow Smt. Asha Shukla to take the initiative of preparing the curriculum.

Shri Lalji Tandon said that youth can develop the attitude, influence, skills and conduct of any community. The youth can change the social and economic fortune of the country if given the right opportunity. Cooperation of youth is necessary in creating a healthy, safe and respectable social environment for women. Public awareness efforts should be made to develop social systems free of discrimination and violence against women. The environment of our society should be such that everyone has a chance to achieve equal efficiency. Women can live a respectable life in a violence-free environment, girls and women should get equal rights in their homes. The discrimination between son and daughter in the family should bring to an end. He also stressed on the promotion of legal literacy and aid schemes.