General Knowledge Olympiad Registration Started

New Delhi:  The true potential of a student in today’s world is judged not by his grades but by his overall growth and success. Grades are just a tiny way of examining how focused a student is. However, in the long run, it is his General Knowledge that will take him ahead of the others.

The International Olympiad conducts the General Knowledge Olympiad on an Annual basis, with the primary objective of motivating students to prepare for what the future holds. Students are required to keep themselves updated with all significant events of the past and those happening around them.

It is conducted in two slots and is open to students of all classes from one to ten. It is available to students individually as well as in schools. The exams are conducted in an online mode. Students who wish to participate in the Olympiad can register themselves through this website and pay the prescribed fee.

This General Knowledge Olympiad is an excellent approach towards ensuring the holistic development of students. Students who restrict themselves to the chapters of their textbook will not be able to survive in the real world. They should be capable of having an opinion on every matter. This is only possible when they stay updated about the important events happening around the world.

The General Knowledge Olympiad covers a broad range of topics which include climate, science & technology, discovery, topography, history, plants, and creatures, diversion, fundamental abilities, language, literature, media, transport, sports, civics, governmental issues, current affairs, etc. These topics ensure that students are made aware of most of their surroundings.

The International General Knowledge Gk Olympiad serves as an enriching experience and helps students boost up their confidence level and general knowledge gk Olympiad registration started  . It prepares them for various quizzes and other activities outside the monotonous classes. It pushes them to ensure active participation in various co-curricular activities such as debates, quizzes, etc.

With an increasingly easy access to social media platforms, students are being made aware of the current happenings in the global world. It is great way for them to stay updated about the latest trends in every field or industry. It is not an easy task to get students interested into such things at an early age, hence, the General Knowledge Olympiad serves as an effective tool to keep the students engaged in the current happenings of the world.

Irrespective of which career one chooses to pursue, the importance of General Knowledge is very crucial. Engineers, Doctors, Civil Servants, Accountants, etc. are all expected to keep themselves informed of various news events and not limit and restrict their knowledge to their fields only. Having such a broad view about various things helps them to take informed decisions. At the entrance level tests and interviews for all the jobs, candidates are asked questions pertaining to General Knowledge in order to judge their reasoning skills.

Only when students are made aware of such things will they be able to form their own opinions and stand out in a crowd. They will not silence themselves in group discussions. It not only helps them to have meaningful conversations but prepares them for future competitive exams as well.

The International Olympiad offers Practice Test series to every student who registers for the exam. It helps students understand the pattern of the question paper. Students would be expected to answer a total of 50 questions within a time duration of 45 minutes. In order to be able to achieve great scores in the Olympiad, it is recommended that students should utilise the Practice Test series. Consistence is the key to achieving a top score.

Further, the International Olympiad also conducts Monthly Olympiads in order to encourage students to keep themselves regularly updated. Students can utilize the Monthly Olympiad series as an excellent way to prepare for the Annual exams.

As an incentive to the students, the International Olympiad rewards those who perform extremely well in the General Knowledge Annual Olympiad with exciting prizes and scholarships. Students are also ranked on basis of their scores. Such rankings help them assess their own performance and motivate them to improve their scores to strive towards excellence.

By expanding their horizons of knowledge beyond the classroom teachings, students would be well-equipped to stand on their own and face challenges thrown at them. This Olympiad ensures holistic development of students from an early age. This inspires and trains them to think outside the box and be capable of making new inventions.

The General Knowledge Olympiad was introduced with the aim to compliment the learning process and sharpen their skills. These exams help to improve their thinking process, reasoning ability and communication skills. The real growth and success of a student is not measured by his school grades but rather by their overall development. True learning happens beyond the four walls of a class room through actual exposure and experiences.

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