Generation India has transformed the lives of thousands of career-oriented women by providing them with the proper training and support for becoming financially independent

 India witnesses a wide gender gap that exists amongst continued high youth unemployability. The pandemic has further declined women’s workforce participation from 22% to 17%.  As per the ORF study (2018), while 96% of women wanted to join the skilling program, only 19% enrolled, reflecting the wide accessibility gap in the existing public skilling schemes. Unfortunately, the employment outcomes remain poor due to factors, including a sole focus on training, workforce funding allocated to inputs, and lack of employer engagement from the design stage. Generation with its innovative 7-step methodology brings a solution to this problem and offers a range of 21st-century-driven programs for individuals (including women).

Generation has transformed the lives of thousands of career-oriented women by providing them with the proper training and support for becoming financially independent. Shalu Tiwari, one of the Generation India graduate, is a suitable example of this. Coming from a traditional background, Shalu faced several challenges and criticism while pursuing her education. When COVID hit our shores, she didn’t have adequate means to continue online learning, but Generation, gave her a reliable platform (including mobile recharges) to continue skill-building. Within a week after her course completion Generation helped Shalu in getting a job and becoming a proud, independent person in her family. Generation has helped women like Shalu to break all stereotypes and discrimination that society has raised against them and have placed them into jobs.

Generation ensures women participation in all its programs. It creates valuable measures related to social support that address the pull factors preventing the participation of women. Generation also nurtures and promotes their well-being through mentoring sessions. The organization even offers migration support for women to facilitate job retention and ensure financial health by encouraging learners’ participation in economic decisions. Moreover, Generation promotes gender diversity by breaking stereotypes on hiring preferences and leverages tech-enabled innovations to scale efficiencies through Torsh, Gen-Recruiting platform, etc.

Speaking on the initiative, Arunesh Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Generation India, said, “This International Women’s Day is the ideal occasion to raise awareness against gender bias and celebrate the professional achievements of all outstanding and passionate women who have enrolled in our programs. They have successfully launched careers in various fields that help them earn a reliable source of livelihood for taking care of their families and themselves. Post-program completion, we place 94% of women participants into jobs within 90 days of graduation, and 50% of them continue to be in jobs after one year.”

One of the most rewarding programs offered by Generation includes the AWS re/Start Program, which focuses on imparting cloud computing skills to both unemployed men and women. The organization also trains these individuals for numerous demand-driven job roles, such as Retail Sales Associate, MSME Loan Officer, Junior Full Stack Java Developer, and many more.