Genesys Announces Rapid Response Offer for COVID-19 support in India

Genesys, a global leader in cloud customer experience and contact centre solutions, is launching a Rapid Response offer to help civic agencies and enterprises build resilience and ensure business continuity as COVID-19 surges in India. The company is helping organisations within the country to quickly establish a remote workforce and maintain critical customer service by providing free licenses for 90 days to the Genesys Cloud™ solution, with the capability to deploy as fast as 48 hours. Genesys Cloud recently launched new capabilities in India by enabling businesses to keep their interactions and data located within the country.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation in India, civic and health agencies are witnessing a spike in citizens requesting accurate and relevant pandemic-related information related to vaccine availability, tests, and medical-related issues. Many sectors that had resumed on-premises operations are back to re-aligning to an enhanced work from home model to ensure employee safety.

The Rapid Response offer will allow organisations and the government to launch a secure cloud contact centre with the fundamental capabilities needed to engage effectively with customers, colleagues or citizens from anywhere during this pandemic situation. With Genesys Cloud, it becomes easier to support remote capabilities, shift the geographic operations or manage unexpected surges in customer inquiries.

This includes support for Interactive Voice Response (IVR), voice and email routing, interaction recording and employee collaboration tools. On-demand training and education is also included to make the transition easier for employees and supervisors. In addition, it also assists in managing costs by waiving coverage premiums resulting from unexpected surges in customer inquiries.

“With the recent in-country roll-out of Genesys Cloud, we hope to assist in providing swift response and rapid action to help mitigate any danger to the public or employees. In the process of doing so, we are helping organisations ensure data sovereignty along with secure, reliable, and flexible services, to meet the demands during this COVID-19 crisis,” said Raja Lakshmipathy, Managing Director, India & SAARC, Genesys. 

“Our goal, therefore, is to leverage our cloud solutions for humanitarian aid at this critical juncture beyond being an enabler that is instrumental in helping with business continuity and citizen empowerment,” he further added.

Genesys is also exploring solution tie-ups with implementation partners who are critical to help expedite deployments of Genesys Cloud. Genesys Rapid Response was initially launched last year across various regions during the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak. It received an overwhelming response, helping more than 700 organizations maintain business continuity and enabling approximately 800,000 contact centre employees to safely work remotely. Across the APAC, specific sectors like Telcos, Government, Utilities, FSI and insurance were also able to hugely benefit. Organizations that Genesys supported with remote assistance include Countdown New Zealand, Kiwibank, Lenovo,, Ping An, Probe, Security Bank Corporation, Toll Group and True Corporation Public Company Limited.

Rapid Response Program details

Rapid Response is made available free of charge from today, for the first 90 days once launched into a production environment. Organisations can be live as fast as 48 hours. There is a one-time charge of USD 5,000 for set-up and implementation. Support for go-live enablement, e-learning, license usage, and the associated professional services are provided free of charge. The customers will need to provide their own telecom network and take necessary regulatory approvals as required.

Organisations must sign up for the offer by July 15, 2021. For more information and details about terms and conditions, please visit:

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