Genesys International grows its strategic expertise with a new Advisory Board

Mumbai: Genesys International Corporation Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, has announced the constitution of an Advisory Board. The appointment of these key experts as part of their organization has been made with a vision to enhance the strategic business and technical capabilities as it embarks upon building its significant map content initiatives.


The newly appointed advisory board comprises –

1. Mr. Paul Smith, an internationally recognised geospatial leader. Co-founder of Earth Observant [EOI] which is revolutionizing remote sensing through a disruptive new satellite platform delivering ultra-high resolution, analysis-ready earth observation data for machine learning and traditional image-analyst applications. Paul has been instrumental in marquee map content/technologies in the companies he has been involved with such as C3 technologies, an imaging platform sold to Apple, and Earthmine bought by Nokia (Here maps). He was also a key part of the Hexagon content program. Mr. Paul has expertise in location-based technologies and geo content from street views to satellite imagery. Mr. Paul has negotiated and partnered with the world’s leading organizations in web mapping, local search, real estate, and consumer navigation to name a few.


2. Major General (Dr) B Nagarajan is the pioneer in the field of developing Cadastre based land Information System. He has been awarded the National Geomatics Award for Applications in 2008 by the Indian Society of Geomatics. He was the additional Surveyor General of India and has initiated path breaking initiatives such as ‘Redefinition of Indian Geodetic datums – Horizontal and Vertical’ with the generation of a new geocentric coordinate system, which would replace the 175 years old locally best fitting Everest coordinate system, in the field of topographical mapping. He has redefined the Indian vertical datum based on geopotential numbers completing more than 46,000 linear kilometers of high precision levelling along with gravity observations in a span of just 2 years.


Commenting on the formulation of the Advisory Board, Mr. Sajid Malik, CMD, Genesys International Corporation Limited said, “We welcome aboard Mr. Paul Smith and Major General (Dr) B Nagarajan as part of the Advisory Board. At Genesys International we have always strived to create distinct benchmarks in the geospatial sector with the technology at hand. In addition to this, the expertise of this Advisory Board will greatly leverage the pan India content program of Genesys“


Further commenting on this, Paul Smith said, “I am very excited about the Genesys India map program and the capabilities that they have built in the geospatial content space. I believe India promises to be one of the largest geo markets as its economy grows and the new policy allows for geotech to be used. Genesys is well positioned to be a leader in this emerging sector. “


In recent months, owing to the positive support extended by the Government through varied policy announcements, the geospatial industry is poised for rapid development. Thus investments made by Genesys International in Indian geospatial content and survey infrastructure will hold good in the future


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