Geographic festival “We discover the Earth”

The Geography Festival is an annual event. This year the theme of the festival is “North-West of Russia”.
Geographers of the Department of Geosciences and Geotechnologies of the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences are constantly strengthening their ties with schools in the city of Petrozavodsk and organize various events for both schoolchildren and teachers. The Geographic Festival is an annual event held by students and teachers of the department for schoolchildren in Petrozavodsk. This year the theme of the festival was “North-West of Russia”.

On the eve of “Geographical Dictation – 2020” teachers of the Department of Earth Sciences and Geotechnology summed up the results of the creative drawing competition “I Love You, Karelia” and the educational game “North-West of Russia” among schoolchildren of the Petrozavodsk Municipal District. All events were held within the framework of the annual geographic festival “We Are Opening the Earth” in an online format.

Schoolchildren from 5 to 11 grades took part in the creative show jumping of drawings “I Love You, Karelia”. The purpose of the event was to expand the horizons of schoolchildren, instill an interest in geography and explore the world around them, and develop the creative abilities of children through the visual arts. 53 students from 18 educational organizations of Petrozavodsk and the State Budgetary Educational Institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Specialized School of Arts” and the Federal State Educational Institution “Petrozavodsk PPKU” took part in the competition. Criteria for evaluating works: reflection of the theme in the drawing, originality of the concept (idea), mastery of execution (artistic merit of the work).

The competition lasted throughout the fall: in October, participants prepared their works. From November 1, scanned images of the works were published in VK on the community page “Geographers of the Department of Earth Sciences and Geotechnology” for further selection for the exhibition. In their drawings, young artists reflected the geographical features of Karelia through the prism of a creative look, conveying feelings and mood. The winners of the competition were 20 works by schoolchildren, the exhibition of which will last until the end of December 2020 at the Education Development Center in Petrozavodsk.

On November 27, a geographic game was held at the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences. This year, 5 teams from 5 city schools took part in it. The jury was represented by teachers of the Department of Earth Sciences and Geotechnology. Students took part in the preparation of assignments, acquiring professional work skills.

The theme of the quest was the theme “North-West Russia”. All the most interesting about the geography of this region of Russia was presented in the content of various tasks with meaningful names: “Collect a map”, “Rebus”, “Geographical canon”, “Mosaic”, “Geographic labyrinth”, creative homework “City tour”. Throughout the game, both the participants and the jury actively worked in the Zoom video conference, discussing and solving unexpected situations that arose during the event. The winners and awardees received prizes and diplomas. All participants received certificates for participating in the geographic game.