Geological Survey of India celebrates 6th International Yoga Day 2020 from Home

Kolkata : Geological Survey of India celebrated 6 th International Yoga Day from the comforts of Home and with family because of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic and the social distancing norms due to the lockdown imposed by the Government of India.

Geological Survey of India office’s across the nation have observed 6 th International Yoga Day with all the pomp and grandeur like previous years though with a difference. This year, the country is fighting against the COVID-19 Pandemic situation and there are some strict regulations laid down by the Government of India with regard to the same. Hence, all the staff members of Geological Survey of India stayed at home and performed yoga at home
with their families. Yoga is a unison of Body and consciousness and this day is celebrated every year to aware the masses about the numerous benefits of Yoga and Geological Survey of India also take necessary steps to inculcate the benefits of Yoga within their staff members. This year as well they did the same though in a different light altogether.

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