Getting the Wheels on the Road: Top 5 Scooter Brands Your Money Can Buy in 2019

For city driving, there is nothing better than a scooter. Not only does the agile, lightweight design make it ideal for dodging stationary traffic and getting through small gaps between vehicles, but the nippy engines make them a lot of fun. It is therefore, no surprise that an increasing number of young Indians are combatting the traffic by getting a Scooty on rent.

Bikes on rent give you all the convenience of owning a scooter or motorcycle without any of the hassle. You, as the renter, are not responsible for the scooter’s upkeep and are not liable for mechanical issues. When it comes time to return the scooter, you can trade it in for a brand new one. You always have a brand-new vehicle at a fraction of the retail price.

Still deciding what model to take? These are the top 5 scooter brands for 2019.


 The Japanese bike manufacturer has become synonymous with high-performance, impeccable reliability, and an exceptional ride. Whether you go for their 50cc, 125cc, or 150cc, with a Honda you know you are getting the most out of your bike’s engine, holding nothing back and delivering more fun than anything else at that price range.


 Few brands have become as iconic as Piaggio in the scooter and small motorcycle market. The historic Italian brand has honed its craft, delivering refined European elegance in every instalment and model. Piaggio has expanded its Delta-scooter sector, developing more scooters with three wheels at the front for increased stability, allowing them to put a larger engine in the lightweight machine without compromising the ride or safety. The 2019 MP3 Sport, for example, has a 500cc engine with top of the range shocks and breaks.


 Although part of the Piaggio group, Vespa deserves its own section on the list for its groundbreaking design and Italian charm. The recognizable Vespa design was developed shortly after World War II and has remained virtually unchanged to this day. Like the other Piaggio lines, modern technological developments have allowed the company to put larger engines in the iconic Vespa body and design, delivering even more power all packaged up in the faithful Vespa design and bodywork. For true scooter enthusiasts, a Vespa represents the opportunity to ride a slice of motorcycle and engineering history.


 From historic to modern, Yamaha, unlike its European counterparts on this list, represents the architype in modern motorcycle engineering. Sharp edges and fierce horsepower make many of Yamaha’s 2019 installments look like they have been borrowed from a futuristic hyper verse, making them popular among younger riders looking for something that will stand out from the crowd.

Yamaha’s strength has always been its fit for purpose bikes. As far as no-nonsense, commuter bikes go, you can’t do much better than a Yamaha.


 If the Japanese manufacturers are all about functionality, the Italians are all about style, then the Germans are about comfort. BMW epitomizes German engineering. Its scooters effortlessly blend comfort and safety to bring a scooter that you could ride all day without getting sore or achy. The electronics suite in 2019 BMW scooters is one of the best on the market. For long-distance riders, there is no better brand than BMW.