Ghent University: 2021 International Symposium for the Korean Peninsula Marine Global Project

The first symposium was successfully held on March 27 2019 in Incheon. Speakers from 14 countries shared their insights on the global marine project, covering topics such as seaweed and diatom study for resources inventory and applications, and aquaculture, green-industrialization, and valorization.

The 2021 symposium will offer insightful ideas and discussions toward sustainable development by integrating blue bioeconomy and blue carbon. It features a series of presentations and discussions from 10 countries. The first session is dedicated to the exploration of blue bioeconomy potentials in the tidal flats and their utilizations, such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and renewable energy. Session 2 addresses blue carbon in tidal mudflats and examines viable options for achieving carbon neutrality.

“We look forward to seeing you at the Forum. Join us in this adventurous journey to the world of blue bioeconomy and let’s tackle climate change issues with blue carbon!” – Taejun Han, Campus President Ghent University Global Campus Korea
Given the COVID-19 situation the symposium will be held as a hybrid event, where domestic speakers and guests will take part in the event from the Ghent University Global Campus in South Korea, while overseas speakers will participate virtually via the webinar platform. The event will also be streamed live for online audiences.