Ghent University: 31 Ghent University researchers are ‘Highly Cited Researcher 2021’

Clarivate Web of Science has been compiling this exclusive list every year since 2001, based on the highest number of top publications. In order to be recognized as a “highly cited researcher”, a scientist must have a major impact on the work of fellow scientists.

The list is categorized by discipline, but there is also a cross-field category.

Cross field
For 2021, the following Ghent University researchers are Highly Cited in this category: Guy Brusselle and Raymond Vanholder (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences), Tom Coenye (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Yvan Saeys*, Peter Vandenabeele*, Yves Van de Peer*, Klaas Vandepoele* (Faculty of Science), Tom Vanden Berghe (primary affiliation: University of Antwerp), Tom Van de Wiele (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering) and Maarten Vansteenkiste (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences°.

Plant & Animal Science
Ghent University’s pioneering role in the field of Plant & Animal Science is also evident from the list of most cited scientists. Tom Beeckman*, Wout Boerjan*, Alain Goossens*, Dirk Inzé*, Guy Smagghe and Frank Van Breusegem* renewed their earlier recognition. Geert De Jaeger* is new on the list.
Also on the list for Ghent University, but as a secondary affiliation, is Jiri Friml.
Their specific expertise covers a wide range from plant biotechnology to biostatistics – often with a strongly interdisciplinary approach.

Within medical medicine, the scientists in the field of Immunology are proving their growing reputation. Claus Bachert, Martin Guilliams*, Hamida Hammad*, Bart Lambrecht* and Mohamed Lamkanfi* can once again call themselves Highly Cited Researchers in this category.
Charlotte Scott is added to the list.

Agricultural Sciences, Environment and Ecoloy, Geosciences
Koen Dewettinck appears on the list for the domain of Agricultural Sciences.

Colin Janssen is a Highly Cited Researcher in Environment and Ecology.

And like last year, Diego Miralles is the Ghent University researcher on the list of Highly Cited Researchers for the domain of Geosciences.

Social Sciences
Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij and Greet Cardon are once again recognized as a Highly Cited Researcher in Social Sciences, and are joined by Benedicte Deforche and Frank Witlox.

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