Ghent University: Academic year started at Ghent University Global Campus in South Korea

On 27 August the annual Commencement and Matriculation Ceremony took place at the Ghent University Global Campus in Songdo, South Korea.

At this annual ceremony, graduating students are celebrated as well as brand new students welcomed. As a result of COVID-19 measures the ceremony was completely digital.

It has been seven years since Ghent University was the first European university to settle on the Global Campus of Songdo in South Korea. Three courses are offered at the campus: molecular biotechnology, environmental technology and food technology. This year, 27 students successfully completed their studies there.

“Dear graduates, for you a new adventure is about to begin. May you take all the knowledge and wisdom acquired through your experience at Ghent University Global Campus and may you prosper in all your future endeavours!” – rector Rik Van de Walle
Besides congratulating the brand new alumni, there was also attention for all new students at Ghent University Global Campus.

“Now the new class of 2021! Congratulations on your fresh start at Ghent University Global Campus. You have decided to realize your dreams at GUGC, which, I think, is one of the best decisions of your life. The next four years will be a time to further cultivate your skills, develop leadership qualities that are up to today’s challenges, and learn to see the world from a new perspective.” – Campus President Taejun Han

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