Ghent University: Vote for Didier Snoeck as ‘Science Talent 2021’

New Scientist nominated fifteen researchers for the 2021 Science Talent election. These researchers can now be voted by the public in the top-5. Ghent University postdoctoral researcher Didier Snoeck (Department of Structural Engineering and Building Materials, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture) is one of the nominees.

Didier Snoeck is active in research into the possibilities of self-healing concrete. His research focuses on self-healing and microstructural properties of cementitious materials with microfibres and superabsorbent polymers and on the water interactions down to the nanoscale in cementitious materials with superabsorbent polymers.

Cast your vote for Didier via (in Dutch)
A jury will choose numbers one, two and three from the five nominees who score the best with the audience. This year’s jury will be chaired by particle physicist Jorgen D’Hondt and director of the Rathenau Institute Melanie Peters. The other jury members are Jeroen de Ridder (chair of the Young Academy in the Netherlands), Sylvia Wenmackers (co-chair of the Young Academy in Flanders) and Jim Jansen (editor-in-chief of New Scientist).

The top three will present their research during New Scientist Live: Science Talent on Thursday 10 June in De Balie in Amsterdam. The main speaker of the evening is virologist Ab Osterhaus. The evening will be concluded with the festive announcement of the winner.