GIIS students connect virtually across Asia to take green route to healthy living


Noida : Global Indian International School (GIIS) has launched Virtual Global Connect Series which allows kindergarten students to connect and interact with peers across countries and campuses.

With Virtual interaction and engagements being preferred mode of communication during the pandemic, the Series is a great way to ensure education continuity for students in a fun and collaborative manner.

“Student exchanges have been practised by GIIS for many years, to help children understand the importance of research and collaboration. With Virtual Exchanges, we are taking one step ahead in reaching across boundaries to disseminate knowledge between students of different geographies, which is a unique concept for any school to undertake,” said Mr Rajiv Bansal, Country Director of GIIS India.

The Global Connect Series for preschoolers is a maiden attempt by the school to extend these innovative programmes to a younger cohort, which will not only enhance their learning experience but help them build stronger relationships and foundations for the future.

This week, 24 students of GIIS Noida interacted with 15 students of GIIS Singapore campus for the programme on the theme of ‘Nutritious fruits and vegetables’, highlighting the importance of healthy living. The initiative was concluded ahead of National Nutrition Week to embed the importance of healthy eating in young learners.

The interaction on Plants – My Green Friends was second in the Connect series, with the first one being conducted between GIIS Whitefield (Bangalore) campus and GIIS Singapore campus in February. Twenty students from both campuses had collaborated on the topic ‘Our Solar System’, which was well attended by other students and well-received by the parent community.

Teachers from the two campuses in India and Singapore worked with each other to make the episodes a success. They have been covering subjects like Planets, Nature, Food Chain etc for the benefit of Early Childhood students, and help students make presentations to demonstrate their findings. In the second episode on Nutrition, teachers helped students aged 3 to 5 years present their findings on germination process, use of plants and other interesting facts on nutrition during the two-day event.


Ms. Rachna Jain, Headmistress of Noida, welcomed and concluded the event, congratulating the students on their participation and hard work. Parents also expressed satisfaction at seeing the children develop their public speaking skills through this initiative.


“Such initiatives prove that GIIS’s constant endeavour to offer innovative, out of the box programs for our students is highly beneficial for all,” Mr Bansal said. “Through Virtual Global Connect Series we aim to nurture & develop 21st-century communications skills, inter-cultural learnings, sharing & exchanging of ideas and exposure to the global world. Such initiatives also help build confidence, increase mutual understanding & ability to work in a diverse context and focuses on experiential learning,” he said.

GIIS provides a future-ready curriculum to students from an early age and introducing these initiatives will foster development skills in children. As a part of Global Connect Series, GIIS earlier has hosted collaborative real-time science projects between Noida, Bangalore & Singapore campuses for senior students, Chess competition for students in grades 1-8 in which around 300 students from 30 schools across Delhi-NCR participated.