GimBooks Launches a Superlative Solution for Automating Metrics Tracking Needs of SAAS & Subscription-Based Startups

New Delhi: India’s widely trusted SME-focused fintech startup GimBooks has now expanded its target customer segment to the SaaS and Subscription-based businesses’ domains with the launch of their new web-based product Metrics by GimBooks –an automated, cutting-edge metrics tracking solution. It is a one-stop platform with extensive high-quality and market-relevant features for automating key Saas Metrics and Management Information System (MIS) along with invoicing.

For a business to monitor its growth and devise strategies based on performance and user behaviour, it is important that they have a system to analyze their business metrices. Metrices provide businesses the opportunity to access their customer churn rate at regular intervals, thereby helping the organizations to see the number of customers lost or gained or lost during any period. Apart from the ‘churn’ factor, there are several other indicative metrices which can help businesses in planning ahead of a crisis and also avoiding one from occurring.

Keeping this in mind, and in a bid to help the businesses operating in the SaaS and subscription arena, Metrics by Gimbooks enables them to gain insights to make profitable decisions thereby propelling growth and profits. The platform’ on-the-go metrics tracking capabilities empower the users to see what’s happening today, plan for tomorrow, and strategize for growth months and years down the road.

Speaking on the launch of the newly-developed platform, Yash Raj Agarwal, Founder& CEO, GimBooks says, “Our research suggests that Indian businesses that work on SaaS and subscription model did not have a wholistic tool that automates the Metrics and MIS along with their invoices in real-time. And as a solution to this problem which was a big drawback for such businesses wanting to grow, we have launched Metrics by GimBooks, which enables us to tap into a new category and target audience altogether. The platform enables tracking for all the important SaaS metrics in one single place, pulling an MIS with one single click anytime whenever it is needed without any additional efforts. Furthermore, Metrics by GimBooks tracks all major SaaS metrics and MIS through the details mentioned in the Invoices only. Hence, it is an ultimate platform that not only automates the process and makes it seamless to be done from anywhere, but also helps in saving a lot of time and increasing profits.”

With Metrics by Gimbooks, users can do the following:

  • create, share, and manage invoices (recurring and non-recurring)

  • have a dashboard to keep a live track of all SaaS Metrics

  • download MIS (Management Information System) with one click

  • identify customers at risk of churning and help the user to take required actions, do invoicing, uploading invoice data in an excel format and much more

  • invoicing and upload invoice data in excel format

  • and do much more

Metrics by GimBooks has been launched under 4 customized plans; and its users can avail specific subscriptions based on their needs and requirements. To start with, the ‘Launch’ plan of Metrics by GimBooks is available free-of-cost for businesses making less than $7k in monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Other paid subscription plans are Grow (for businesses with $7k MRR – $50k MMR), Scale (for businesses with $50k MRR – $1 million MRR) and Dominate (for businesses above $1 million MRR). With so much to offer, Metrics by Gimbooks is all set to gain traction in the market by promoting the platform through outbound SDRs (Sales Development Representatives) and channel partnerships with various accelerators, incubators, and investors who are the prime entities who aim at receiving structured MIS from startups.

Notably, as per the statistics revealed in the data from NASSCOM, as of FY2020, India’s SaaS revenue has touched US$3.5 billion, with 75% of sales being generated from the global markets. On the other hand, according to a recent report by International Data Corporation, 33% of all revenues in the software industry globally will be generated through subscription based models by 2022 end. Even beyond the SaaS sector, the number of subscription-based ventures has increased exponentially in the recent years in India and the world.

Looking at these trends and numbers/statistics, it becomes imperative for SaaS and subscription-oriented businesses to have analytical tools and solutions that help them grow. And this is exactly where Metrics By GimBooks comes in with its disruptive and superlative web-based solution, and is thus aiming to become the leading metric tracking and MIS management tool when it comes to SaaS and subscription bases businesses.