Glendale Academy International Ranked as No. 1 Co-Ed School in Hyderabad and Telangana and No. 8 in India by Education World

Hyderabad: An upward spiral of growth from Good to Great, it is nestled in a beautiful serene lush green ten-acre campus, there is a lot of fresh air, open spaces filled with greenery! It is a nurturing ground where students are “learning every day and loving every minute.” Glendale believes that “nature nurtures” and the soothing presence of nature is inbuilt in their lush green campus with an abundance of flora and fauna!

Amazing sports facilities, including cricket, football, tennis, basketball, swimming and much more! A butterfly garden and a petting zoo within the campus too! A beautiful learning resource centre with a fairy tale background of a cottage and a tree adds a magical touch to stories! Their campus and curriculum are designed to help students cherish the experience called childhood while they learn everyday day and love every minute!

Glendale’s learning spaces are nurturing spaces where children cherish the experience called childhood! Glendale has been a pioneer in futuristic pedagogical approaches right from the start! The Director-Education, Dr Anjum Babukhan has always been very passionate about teacher development and has kept the learning curve upward through all the learnings that she brings back from Ivy League institutions like Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford to name a few! A lifelong learner herself, she visualises herself as a bee gathering nectar from the myriad flowers of knowledge and synthesising them to create the sweet honey of wisdom that she loves to share with others. From Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences to the latest pedagogical approaches from Ivy League Institutions like Harvard University’s Project Zero and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Glendale has been proactive in seamlessly incorporating them in its curriculum.

Their Vision is to develop the full spectrum of holistic potential by cultivating Character and Competence. The campus culture of RRC- Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation encourages conscious discipline in our students! Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits is incorporated into our curriculum through the ‘Leader in Me’ program. Academic excellence tempered with character-building develops our students into holistic beings who are geared to develop the full spectrum of human potential.

During the pandemic, Glendale’s Director- Education, Dr Anjum Babukhan introduced the Whole Person Approach to help students, faculty and circle of influence to develop their potential enabling greater coping skills to deal with VUCA times!

As the saying goes, ‘Hard work pays’, Glendale Academy was Ranked #1 in Hyderabad and Telangana and #8 in India by Education World in their India Rankings 2020-21! This Ranking comes as a wonderful acknowledgement and testimonial to the cutting-edge futuristic pedagogy pioneered by our Director-Education, Dr Anjum Babukhan and the dedication, commitment and synergy of Team Glendale!

Glendale has always strived to provide “learning for life, not just school”. This Ranking is yet another feather in its cap, a remarkable milestone in its journey from Good to Great! They are gearing up to continue to shatter more glass ceilings by moving ahead in its quest of “empowering and enriching lives through the powerful medium of education.

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