Global academic and industry think-tanks strategise ideas at the 10th Leadership Conclave of IIT Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar: The 10th Leadership Conclave (LC) of the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) held today on campus brought together some of the best leading minds from various academic and industrial fields, who shared their knowledge and experience to recommend strategies to the Institute for its way forward on the next decade.

The Conclave started with an introduction to the key areas for deliberations by Prof Sudhir K Jain, Director, IIT Gandhinagar. Underlining the significance of the inputs received in the Leadership Conclaves every year, Prof Jain said, “These brainstorming meetings have proved to be extremely rewarding for IITGN to realign its future goals and actions. The diverse set of ideas that we get from some of the most illustrious industry experts and academicians participating in these meetings has facilitated IITGN on its path to academic excellence through out-of-the-box thinking.”

More than 45 domain experts from India and overseas, including IITGN faculty members, brainstormed different ideas and approaches for the key topics of importance. As IITGN has embarked on its next decade, the participants suggested to identify and implement a comprehensive strategy for IITGN Next to maximise its potential and stay relevant as the world changes.

Even though being a relatively new institution without a major alumni base, IITGN has succeeded significantly in fundraising, which inspires the Institute to aim even higher. The conclave participants provided valuable suggestions on scaling up fundraising for the Institute in coming years, especially by reaching out to Gujaratis both in India and overseas.

Participants also suggested to create a strong culture of regular evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the Institute system that can guide the community to sustain IITGN culture even if the Institute leadership changes. Similarly, it was recommended to develop plans to deal with unexpected challenges by building consensus within the community on core values and institutional ethos and communicating the same to the external stakeholders.