Global ‘AI’ Thought Leader Mr. Sumant Parimal hails PM Modi’s vision to make India a Global ‘AI’ Hub

New Delhi: Chief Analyst of ‘5 Jewels Research’ at Innogress, Mr. Sumant Parimal, A Global ‘AI’ (Artificial Intelligence) thought leader, who emerged as top most expert in Forbes Global ‘AI’ Expert Panel in Jan. 2020, has hailed vision of Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi to make India a Global ‘AI’ hub, which he articulated today while speaking at RAISE 2020 – ‘Responsible AI for Social Empowerment 2020’.

Echoing with the PM Modi vision of making a Global ‘AI’ hub, Mr Sumant Parimal Said “Making India a hub of AI is going to steer India towards a knowledge driven economy, which leads to realizing of another goal of India to become a $5 T economy as set by our PM earlier. So aim of achieving $5 T+ economy and making India a superpower in AI are directly linked”. “At one end, ‘AI’ and other advanced digital Technologies like Blockchain, IOT can brings productivity gain adding to GDP growth at the other end it enhances value creation in economic activities through consistent innovation, leading to better revenue realization and enhanced economic growth” Mr Parimal added further.

“For making India a Global ‘AI’ hub, it is important that India starts building large ‘AI’ and ‘Robotics’ ecosystem using clustered development approach. And Technology Park format based ‘AI’ hub development is key towards required ecosystem development which creates cascaded valuable impacts on economy. Keeping this in mind, ‘Innogress’ proposed first ‘Robotics’ and ‘AI’ Technology focused Park in India at Greater Noida, in NCR Delhi” Mr Parimal said further.

“‘Greater Noida Robotics Technology Park’ project is a right approach taken by Innogress to realize PM Modi’s dream of making India a global hub of ‘AI’ and we are committed to implement this project with help of U.P. Govt and other Technology Players” Mr Sumant Parimal said.

“ We are glad to share that bureaucracy at New Delhi and Lucknow are already aligned with this vision of PM Modi, and we are getting extraordinary support from Department of I.T. and Electronics, Govt. of U.P. to implement ‘Greater Noida Robotics Technology Park’, which shall be a milestone for establishing India as ‘AI’ and High Tech. Hub” Mr. Parimal said, who himself conceptualized this first ‘AI’ and Robotics focused Tech. Park of India and signed an MoU with state Govt. of U.P. during ‘Investors Summit’ held at Lucknow in Feb. 2018, which was inaugurated by PM Modi.

‘Greater Noida Robotics Technology Park’ is now open for investment and tech. partnership.