Global CXOs and Ivy League Professors to Lead Tetr College of Business’ UG Programme


New Delhi — Tetr College of Business, a first-of-its-kind global business school, announced the faculty members for their Bachelor’s in Management and Technology program which includes Global CXOs and professors from Harvard, Cornell, Stanford and other prestigious universities. This group of renowned educators and business leaders, including Manoj Kohli (ex-SoftBank India Head), Thorsten Truijens (Professor, Kellogg School of Management), Alexis Montesinos (Professor, MIT), Mr. Faverie Stephane (Executive Group President Estee Lauder), and more, will teach the students throughout the 4 year course spread across 7 countries. Tetr aims to redefine how global business education is delivered, with a program that enables students to learn business by building businesses while traveling across the world.

The undergraduate program will offer a highly experiential and immersive learning experience for students. As a part of its curriculum, Tetr will offer students a holistic understanding of how to build brands, investment portfolios, and make data-driven decisions rooted in local cultural context, as they travel and study across the globe. Mentored by the likes of Dr. Andrew MacDonald (Professor, Columbia University), Mr. Thomas Heins (Professor, Imperial College London), Mr. Brian O’Connor (Professor, Chicago Booth), and Dr. Syon Bhanot (Professor, Wharton Business School), students will get a chance to build businesses across the USA, Italy, Singapore, Brazil, UAE, India, and Ghana.

At Tetr, courses are designed in a “How to” approach with targeted learning outcomes, ensuring practical and applicable knowledge. This empowers students to directly apply concepts when building their businesses. Faculty members leading these workshops include Dr. Edward Rogers, former Chief Knowledge Officer at NASA, teaching “How to Master the Art of Managing Complexities”; Mr. Viney Sawhney, Professor at Harvard University, offering “How to Navigate the Venture Capital and Private Equity Landscape”; Dr. Daniel Garrett Van Der Vliet, Executive Director at Cornell University, on “How to Lead and Innovate in Family Businesses”; Mr. Nitin Gaur, Advisory Board Member at Stanford University, with “How to Navigate the World of FinTech and Cryptocurrency”; and Dr. James Hayton, Professor at Warwick Business School, teaching “How to Architect HRM Systems for Strategic Entrepreneurial Execution.”

“I am thrilled to join Tetr and help students develop the critical skills needed to navigate intricate challenges and make informed decisions under pressure, essential capabilities in today’s dynamic world.”, said Dr. Edward Rogers, former Chief Knowledge Officer at NASA.

“At Tetr, we are committed to providing our students with the highest quality education, grounded in real-world experience. Our faculty members are leaders in their respective fields, and their diverse expertise will be instrumental in shaping the next generation of global business leaders,” said Pratham Mittal, Founder, Tetr College of Business.

Students at Tetr will also build an eCommerce dropshipping business in Dubai, leverage Silicon Valley’s ecosystem for a tech startup, and design a hardware product in Singapore. Additionally, they will learn content creation in Milan, launch green initiatives in Rio De Janeiro, and develop a consumer business in suburban India. Tetr is offering full scholarships worth INR 2Cr each to 60 bright undergraduates, including 15 from India. The program will commence from September 2024.