Global Dignity Day: Transcending human & geographic divisions to value humanity


New Delhi: Dignity, compassion, and value of human life have taken a backseat in today’s fast paced world of conflict and injustice. To bring this to light, a forum to solemnize the uniqueness of mankind, ‘Global Dignity Day’ was held today at The Millennium School, Noida on Thursday.

The Global Dignity Day is an initiative of Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Global Dignity, who recently collaborated with Lotus Learning Foundation in India to promote this initiative at the worldwide level. This unique concept is centered in the belief that there’s no hierarchy among humans. Rather, each has a distinct nature and every human life is as precious as the universe in its entirety. Therefore, a spirit of ‘oneness’ with the universe is significant.

While stressing that everyone has the yearning to be understood, to be valued and recognized, to fulfill their dreams and potential in life, Prof. Dr. N. Radhakrishnan highlighted the importance of this peace initiative. A Gandhian, an Educator and a Prolific Writer, Dr, Radhakrishnan gave a special lecture on Dignity of Human Life. He is the second generation follower of Mahatma Gandhi and has been a protagonist in spreading peace and many peace related initiatives.

The others at the panel discussion on Global Dignity included Mr. Shantanu Prakash, Founder, R Ventures Foundation, Ms. Nicole Huber, City Manager, Heidelberg (Germany), Dr. Aarushi Kehar, Health Educator, Ms. Devangana Mishra, Recruitment Director, Teach for India, and Dr. Johannes Paul Tröger, Senior Vice President, AMERIA AG.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Nicole Huber said, “Refugees are not to be seen as burden or as just another topic to deal with. In fact, they embody a unique opportunity for our society. Not only do they enrich our daily lives with their diverse culture, competences and nature, but can massively impact and develop our job market. R Ventures Foundation has realized this at a very early stage and has set up a program which is second to none. It enables the participants to live up to their full potential and is based on tolerance, dignity and openness. We, as a city, are very proud to be a part of R Ventures Foundation.”

The Global dignity day also remembers those who’ve given up their lives for the cause of dignity, specially the refugees from conflicted geographies who uprooted themselves —both physically and emotionally—for a better and more dignified way of living.

Mr. Shantanu Prakash was inducted as a member of Heidelberg International Club by the city manager of Heidelberg, Ms. Nicole Huber, for his contribution towards the refugees in Germany.

Heidelberg Club International (HCI) which was established in 1975 in the city of Heidelberg, is a network of eminent experts and professionals from different areas of endeavors working together for a common goal of extending a spirit of cooperation and friendship as ambassadors for Heidelberg. Some eminent members of the club Include Mr. Michael Moller Under-Secretary General of the UN, Prof Vint Cerf – hailed as the “Father of Internet” and winner of ACM Turing Award.

“It’s a great honor to be inducted as a member of Heidelberg International Club on a Global Dignity Day where I had an honor to be a panelist with other dignified leaders,” said Mr. Shantanu Prakash the Founder of R Ventures Foundation. He further added that the Global dignity day is a great day to Remember people who have literally had to give up their lives for the cause of dignity it’s the refugees from conflicted geographies who have to uproot themselves both physically and emotionally so that they can have dignity of life

R Ventures Foundation is working to put them on top of the jobs value chain by becoming entrepreneurs , so that not only do they have dignity but are also able to inspire and employ others.

“ As we get together to celebrate the champions of dignity – Gandhi , King and Ikeda – let’s take a moment to think about the ones who are left behind , the ones who’s dignity is being sacrificed due to war and terror – the refugees . R ventures foundation is an endeavor to bring dignity back to such individuals” said; Mr. Archish Mittal, Co-Founder , R ventures foundation.

The city of Heidelberg and R Ventures Foundation is working in partnership to launch an incubator for refugees in the city of Heidelberg, Germany in 2019 which will provide entrepreneurship training and skills to empower refugees.

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