Global Handwashing Day: 2020 puts hand hygiene in a new spotlight

Delhi: 2020 is different. A global pandemic is forcing the world to rethink – also with regard to daily hand washing routines: Hand hygiene is one of the most important elements in infection prevention but is still not a given. Be it that there is no possibility to wash your hands on the go, you simply forget it, or you do not implement it properly. Globally, four out of five people do not wash hands after using the bathroom.[1] Everyone needs a little reminder of routines, even when we know it’s important – handwashing makes no difference.

On the occasion of “Global Handwashing Day”, LIXIL, manufacturer of pioneering water and housing products, and its brand GROHE have set themselves the goal of raising awareness of the importance of hand hygiene. Insightful content about hand washing is shared on the Social Media channels[2] and serves as daily nudges to remind of washing our hands and prevent illnesses – because clean hands were never more important.

Touchless faucets as smart helpers for improved hand hygiene

The increased need for hygiene leads to hand washing routines at home, at work and in public spaces being questioned. Today, more than ever, having to touch a conventional faucet – especially in a public bathroom – is not an attractive option. Touchless faucets are not new. But the changed awareness for hygiene puts these products centre stage. The water flow can be started and stopped by simply holding your hands under the spout. This minimizes the risk of spreading germs and cross-contamination. In addition to touchless bathroom solutions, GROHE also offers an intelligent portfolio for the kitchen that meets the advanced hygiene demands. Faucets that can be operated without touching them with the hands are convincing here, instead the user activates the water flow via forearm, elbow, wrist or foot offer perfect solutions – perfect solutions for the most sensitive living areas.