Global Indian International School committed to replicate NextGen pedagogy in India To set up 5 SMART campuses in the country with an outlay of Rs150 cr.


Singapore-based Global Indian International School will set up five new SMART campuses in India to push NextGen pedagogy in the country. GIIS, which started its operations from Singapore and expanded from Asia Pacific to Middle East over the past 16 years, will be making an Rs.50 crore investment in a new campus in the Amaravati city, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh. GIIS is also planning its SMART campuses in Bangalore, Pune, Nagpur and Mumbai at an investment of Rs. 150cr.

The announcement comes on the heal of the NextGen SMART Campus which is scheduled to open in Singapore focusing on implementing 21st century learning methods for its students through new, state-of-the-art technologies. GIIS has expressed commitment to bring similar pedagogy to India through best national and international educational practices, marrying traditional and contemporary methods through smart technology to bring meaningful change in the way knowledge is imparted and received.

“Students are at the heart of design of GIIS Singapore SMART Campus , the most digitally-savvy international school in Asia. Apart from its ultra-modern features, this new campus will have ‘Small Learning Communities’ concept to give students a more personalized learning experience. This school- within- a -school method is inspired from Finnish method of education,” said Atul Temurnikar, Co-Founder & Chairman of Global Schools Foundation (GSF).

He said GIIS presence in India’s metro and 1-tier cities will also be ramped up with digitally-enabled education.

The SMART Campus, when complete, will be one of the first buildings to fit perfectly into Singapore governments planned Punggol Digital District (PDD) which is being developed as a residential cum commercial and business district as the country aim’s to be a Smart Nation.

In Phase 1, GIIS SMART Campus will accommodate 3,500 students in its sprawling 33,000 sqm gross floor area with over 130 SMART classrooms. The new campus in north-east district of Punggol, promises to be the Singapore’s largest SMART International School, offering a pedagogy which is a blend of traditional academia and 21st century skills requirements.

The campus design is inspired by the ‘NEST’ concept where students will be nurtured from fledgling stage to feathered stage, to inculcate in them the four Cs of Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.

The GIIS SMART school will have capabilities like a Virtual Classrooms for students to connect with educators around the world, Robotics and Information Technology Labs, Augmented Reality tools for learning through iPads and many other features.

The virtual classrooms are a great asset to academicians and the students, allowing students to be virtually collaborate beyond their classrooms and interact with specialist faculty, Industry leaders & universities around the world, as well as collaborate with their fellow students from other GIIS campuses across 7 countries.

The GIIS SMART school has established 3 centres of excellence, in and Entrepreneurship & Innovation, in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and in Design Technology & Maker labs. The students at GIIS SMART school will get to research at these centres of excellence giving them a better understanding while learning from research perspective.

The 7 (seven) storey school campus has a strong Sustainability and Green program addressing aspects of rain water conservation, using 3 different types of water from recycled rain water to using NeWater for utilities to using industrial water for emergency situations. The Environment Labs will get students closer to Nature, and green initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.

The school has drawn upon leading architects from USA, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore to create a state of the art Next Gen campus.

The school will include International Baccalaureate, Cambridge IGCSE and CBSE curriculum alongside Montessori Kindergarten under one roof powered by digital classrooms, smart technologies like virtual classrooms, sports data analytics and smart safety features like facial recognition. The entire campus is supported by a solid backbone of 40GB fibre broadband connectivity and sits snugly within the planned high-tech digital district in Punggol with its perfect balance of green initiatives and futuristic technology, to provide its award-winning 9GEMS model of holistic education.

The school will be operationally ready from the third quarter of 2018.