Global Meet of AYUSH Practitioners & Business Developers for Increased Acceptability of AYUSH in World Markets

New Delhi: Inviting young talent, business houses and start-ups to engage in research and innovation in the field of Indian Medicines, Shri Shripad Yesso Naik , Minister for AYUSH emphasized on active participation of all stake holders for increased acceptability of AYUSH in the world markets, He said there is huge potential and in recent year’s ministry has taken several initiatives to support the industry and the recent announcements under AtmaNirbhar package to support rural economy with promotion of Herbal Cultivation is one such step. He said focus of the government is raising more awareness, strengthening partnerships across the globe so that AYUSH is considered as important sector to go hand in hand with global healthcare industry involving all other streams.
He called upon business, start-ups and young talent to engage in research and innovation in the field of Indian medicines as he spoke of the research work being done by various councils under ministry of AYUSH. He also said the current pandemic offers an opportunity for Indian medicine system and in this regard he invited suggestions from all industry members, to take forward the efforts of his ministry and especially support MSMEs engaged with the sector.
In his welcome address Mr Deepak Sood, Secretary General of ASSOCHAM said that India has handled the situation of pandemic exceptionally well and said ASSOCHAM representing 4.5 lac member laud the Government’s AtmaNirbhar Bharat package. He said, India is among the first country which is witnessing re -bouncing of economy. He said to be AtmaNibhar its important that the healthcare eco system of the country is strengthened and AYUSH certainly has a huge role to play in this. India for centuries has advocated preventive care and holistic approach to wellness of body and mind and thus to be AtmaNirbhar it is important we work towards building a strong immune society with a higher wellness index indicating how well are we prepared to prevent illness and sickness. He said across all sectors AYUSH is one sector that needs tremendous push in the field of research and development, product innovation and requested Minister for his intervention to ensure quality and mark abilities of the sector constituents is enhanced.
Ministry of AYUSH Senior officials Dr Manoj Nesari and Dr D C Katoch spoke on the occasion; Dr Nessari shared that Ministry of AYUSH along with Ministry of External Affairs has taken steps to strengthen relation and acceptance of Indian medical system across SAARC, ASEAN and other regions. Dr Katoch said over the years AYUSH has emerged as a strong option in healthcare eco system of the country. Under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister, who has advocated and endorsed AYUSH and created awareness among the people about the benefits of AYUSH, AYUSH by choice is being accepted by millions. He shared tat there are almost 27 insurance companies that are providing insurance coverage for AYUSH treatment with 147 policies in the market and this support mechanism is quintessential for outreach of AYUSH services.
The program also had Mr K.V Uthaman IFS, Managing Director, Oushadhi, The pharmaceutical Corp of Govt of Kerala (IM) and he laid emphasis upon the importance of quality control in Ayurveda manufacturing and at the same time backward integration in terms of raw material procurement from farmer thus providing much valuable rural employment.
Dr Issac Mathai, owner of two NABH accredited hospital said private sector to join hand with Government efforts to promote AYUSH. He said that the time is just right for development of more AYUSH hospitals, integrated or not, in the country, so that India can be projected more strongly to the world and we shall surely see increased medical tourism.
The discussion on international perspective on connecting AYUSH with western form of medicine and social acceptability in developed nations was taken with global participants from, UK, Switzerland, Netherland, Singapore and Australia and Indian experts who have contributed immensely to the global presence of AYUSH.
Mr Amarjeet Singh Bhamra, Lead Secretariat of the All Party Parliamentary Group, from UK said greater cooperation between India and UK at the level of decision makers and influencers is the way forward to ensure acceptability and greater visibility. Government, politicians, parliamentarian on both side need more involvement and engagement. His thoughts were echoed by Dr Venkat Joshi and Dr Suresh Swarnapuri who are extensively involved with development of education and pharmacy network in Europe, CIS countries and are constantly engaging with Indian Missions to work towards the promotion of ayurveda, yoga and other forms. A different perspective was brought forward by Mr Peter Van Straleen , Netherland and Dr Naveen Gupta, Switzerland of creating an eco system where all forms of heath treatments can co exist. Dr Vanita Sharma Deputy Chair of Complementary Health a Govt of Australia initiative stated that acceptance of education is crucial for the practice to exist and grow and the excellent relations between two governments have ensured co existence of two forms in the region. A unique case study of partnership clinics and availability of products was presented by Dr Vijay Pratap Kushvaha as he shared his model of shared practices across Europe and US region. Dr Akhlaq Ahmad, Unani Expert shared his views on the potential of the unani sector with the audience and various ways of treatment available in the sector. Dr Maitri Nagar, Singapore raised a concern over non acceptance of AYUSH qualification in certain countries and drew attention of the ministry to use current pandemic as an opportunity to strengthen relations with such nations to ensure Indian Medical System is accepted and this will help further promote AYUSH. Mr Sudip Jha expert of AYUSH product marketing globally and curator of the program presented data facts how AYUSH product demands have grown up and he said there is certainly need for private manufactures to work in partnership with all stakeholders to ensure awareness is undertaken at all level and media in this regard can play a huge role
Echoing the word of the Secretary General, Ms Perminder Kaur Director ASSOCHAM in her closing address said the push given by Govt to promote AYUSH has set the momentum and now there is self pull mechanism that has set in and the world is looking eagerly at India. She thanked eminent panellist for their inputs on need of joint collaborative work, partnership of private player with government agencies to ensure AYUSH can further be propagated and promoted, building network of private companies across the globe to ensure product availability and the matter of study of Indian medicine system abroad with international universities and joint research projects are taken up.

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