Global skills provider Arc Skills launches ‘SOAR’ to bridge skills gap of students in India


New Delhi: Leading global skills provider Arc Skills, has announced the launch of SOAR in India, a unique and integrated skills program for school students. Arc Skills is one of first organizations to bring this impactful solution for development of life-long skills giving our children chance to obtain the essential new age skills and confidence to turn their potential into success.

SOAR, is a research backed learning pathway that nurtures values, skills, and career-based competencies in a child, at each step of their school life. The skills are aligned to the child’s age and developmental stage, so they can progressively develop the skills needed for present and future.

Kakul Misra, COO Arc Skills India says, “SOAR prepares the students for the world of tomorrow through an integrated and continuous learning pathway. With SOAR programs, we intend to equip every child in India with much needed new age skills to develop & confidently grow their strengths with understanding of essential life skills, preparing them for future.

The strategic blend of interactive technology, game-based learning, and thought –provoking reflection, enriches the learning experience for students and help them explore new ideas while imbibing key skills and dispositions needed to thrive in these dynamic times.”

Arc Skills introduced Skills 21 as the first programme in SOAR pathway by launching it two years back. The programme received high praise from students, parents and teachers across globe. Skills 21 has become an international example of a 21st-century skills programme that successfully meets the criteria of effectiveness and accessibility.

With SOAR, schools in India now have the opportunity to diversify their offering and give students a solid foundation of self-awareness, socio-emotional skills, abilities & career-based skills.