Global Summit to reimagine the future in a post-Covid world

· Kunal Sood, award-winning TED resident and Tribeca disruptor Fellow, will launch Operation #HOPE (Help Our Planet Everyday) on Earth Day

New Delhi: Kunal Sood, founder of #WeThePlanet, the global platform and campaign for intergenerational impact, will launch a global movement on Earth Day.


Called Operation #HOPE, the campaign aims to not only Help Our People Everyday but go beyond this idea and Help Our Planet Everyday through actionable solutions to drive real-world impact.


On April 22, 2021, #WeThePlanet will begin a year-long summit series bringing together internationally renowned artists, celebrities, scientists, astronauts, architects, innovators, disruptors, humanitarians and changemakers to reimagine how we can collaborate, build resilience and elevate humanity to architect an extraordinary future in a post-COVID world.


The goal of Operation #HOPE is to reimagine our way of life starting with reimagining the future of cities, factories, private residences and large convening like concerts and festivals in real life from the inside out. According to Sood, “Operation #HOPE is a first but vital step on Earth Day, which over the year will lead up to holding the first-ever International Day of Hope in 2022 at the United Nations in New York City with other key stakeholders in the public and private sector from around the world.”


This year the #WeThePlanet summit will be both virtual as well as on Clubhouse on We The Future (WTF) a subsidiary of We The Planet.


The summit will bring together artists, innovators, celebrities, architects, astronauts, entrepreneurs and policymakers to usher in a new era of HOPE and drive everyday solutions to protect all life on land and under the sea ushering in a new era of human prosperity and planetary longevity.


The Summit will feature global icons including Sanjay Dutt, award-winning Indian actor; Anousheh Ansari, astronaut and CEO of X Prize; Lapo Elkann, global philanthropist; Dieter Brell, 3deluxe Creative Director and co-founder; James L. Green, NASA Chief Scientist; Eddie Ndopu, UN SDG Advocate; Ken Dychtwald, author and psychologist, Aneel Chima Director of Stanford University flourishing project; Dilip Cherian, India’s Guru of Image and PR; Louise Zetterström, impact change-maker, Dr Aditi Nerurkar, resilience and COVID-19 burnout expert, Swati Thiyagarajan, journalist and filmmaker; Kenny Scharf, world-renowned artist, Dr Sweta Chakraborty, Climate Change expert; Laura Muranaka, #WeThePlanet co-founder; and Kunal Sood, #WeThePlanet founder, among others.

Anousheh Ansari, the iconic award-winning CEO of X Prize and speaker at #WeThePlanet Earth Day Summit, said: “Given the current global health crisis, Earth Day is an incredible opportunity to positively impact billions of lives by leveraging exponential technology and AI for good to realize Operation #Hope to Help Our People Everyday .”


As a world-renowned impact entrepreneur, strategist and curator of the future, Sood is adept at empowering innovators and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into real-world actionable impact. From working in the slums in Mumbai as a visiting scholar with Harvard at PUKAR to building global movements at the United Nations General Assembly with Heads of State in New York, Sood is focused on making the impossible possible by positively transforming a billion lives in his lifetime.

Sood’s ability to bridge the worlds of power and influence with meaning and purpose sets him apart from others. For his groundbreaking work, Sood has received numerous accolades, fellowships and awards at the United Nations, TED, Singularity, Harvard and Stanford University, Columbia Business School and Tribeca Film Festival.


Sood believes that by combining the ancient wisdom of the east with the exponential innovation of the west, we can reimagine future cities of HOPE, where local citizens galvanize their collective efforts translating hope into action and build an extraordinary future.


Sood aims to reimagine hope for humanity at #WeThePlanet by ensuring that the most influential voices on the planet are all committed to Help Our Planet Everyday, starting with New Delhi and New York City as model cities. Be it urban existing buildings and rooftops or the future of work and home The ARK is set to become a force for good as a space to convene while its members inside are solving everything from covid-19 to climate change.


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