Global Wedding Academy By WIZCRAFT MIME, Takes Events To A New Professional Level


Mumbai: WIZCRAFT Management Institute for Media and Entertainment (MIME) is launching the Global Wedding Academy Executive Programme, with classes commencing this September at the premiere ISDI campus, One India Bulls Centre, Mumbai.

In its 30th year of creating event history, Wizcraft, the event industry pioneers have instituted the specialised executive programme to give back to the fraternity and create the next generation of event professionals, once again making a significant contribution to the future of the industry.

For their educational venture, Wizcraft MIME is partnering with the best professionals and practitioners from across the industry and allied industries, thereby providing the events, media and entertainment industry a much-needed professional boost. The institute aims to mentor and educate talent in the multiple facets of the experiential industry, to match its fast-paced growth and address the long-felt need for trained, competent professionals.

Launching its first on-campus offering with the Global Wedding Academy Executive Programme, all aspiring and serious professionals now have the opportunity to be groomed into successful wedding managers or entrepreneurs. With the global wedding industry contributing over $350 bn, and the Indian industry already sized at $50bn, the need for educated, trained professionals is growing and the Global Wedding Academy would provide trained manpower ready for employment and entrepreneurship.

The Global Wedding Academy faculty includes Wizcraft founders Andre Timmins, Viraf Sarkari & Sabbas Joseph; life trainer and event industry leader Sushma Gaikwad, wedding industry leaders Neha Seth Arora, Samit Garg, Thanush Joseph, Bhavnesh Sawhney, Farid Khan, Vandana Mohan, Aditya Motwane, celebrity food stylist Rakhee Jain, Aarti Mattoo, Vijay Arora, Rajeev Jain, Mohammed Morani, among others. Global Wedding Academy (GWA) is the place to learn from the masters and get quality training from the best minds in the industry, from both India and around the globe. The institute has an enviable faculty, advisory board members, guest lecturers and masterclass presenters, all of whom are game-changers with extensive experience. Their mission is to raise the bar for new-age talent and create an even bigger footprint than any mega show or event done so far.

ISDI, a part of the DICE Academy, has a world-class campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, and will host the course in a campus environment that conducts global education programmes that are affiliated to the world leaders Parsons and WPP group.

“At ISDI, our vision is to empower the generation of tomorrow to be job-creators. By widening their horizons to new-age education spearheaded by industry experts, ISDI-WPP is excited to collaborate with the Global Wedding Academy and host India’s first blended wedding management course in our campus. The industry engagements, mentorship and internship focus of the course, delivered by the best practitioners in the events, media and entertainment field, is the ideal preparation for students to embark on their dream careers.” says Indu Shahani, Founding Dean ISME & Chairperson at ISDI, ISDI/WPP & ISME, DICE ACADEMY.

“The Wizcraft MIME experiential learning programme is a blend of offline and online learning in addition to intensive workshops, market visits, on-site learning and internships with leading companies and live projects. We are following best-in-class methods with an empirical approach so that the learning is suited to the work environment and ensures skilling and employment. The students will be screened to ensure that only the most suited are admitted to the highly specialised programme. Our syllabus and faculty will empower students to handle large-scale events with complete ease and personalisation. Training here implies embracing key responsibilities even before being hired or embarking as an entrepreneur. For us, monitored mentoring in the right measure will ensure perfect learning,” says Sabbas Joseph, Director, Global Wedding Academy.

“We aim to create a global benchmark through our curriculum. Ours is not your regular classroom-confined academy. We train you practically, holistically and authentically with current trends, technology and world-class best practices,” says Sushma Gaikwad, Curriculum Director & Mentor, Global Wedding Academy.

“The wedding industry is distinct from the corporate event industry in key requirements. Today, it is in dire need of trained and competent manpower who understand the business, the changing demands of clients and the complexity of the industry. Our blended course will give you just the right amount of exposure to theory, on-site and offsite work internships, and get you ready to face clients in the real world,” emphasises Neha Seth Arora, Director & Mentor, Global Wedding Academy .

Global Wedding Academy carries the industry’s stamp of approval and prestigious certification by the Media Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) to empower India’s workforce with a high standard of excellence and hone them for employment. Add to this, internship opportunities from the most recognised agencies in the business, and one can expect great things from the Global Wedding Academy in shaping world-class talent.

The course will commence from September 2018, every Saturday for 18 weeks.

Wizcraft MIME (Wizcraft Management Institute of Media and Entertainment) is an education initiative that has been launched with a perspective to train potential talent with requisite skills. Its objective is to foster industry talent and provide an opportunity for education that creates a base of highly trained and committed professionals for the event and media industry in India.

DICE Academy is part of DICE Districts, which is a Knowledge, Innovation and Education Conglomerate that focuses on Future Skills. The DICE Districts consists of the ISDI School of Design & Innovation, ISME School of Management & Entrepreneurship, ISDI-WPP School of Communication, ISME-ACE Fintech Accelerator and ISDI-ACE Creative Accelerator.

The academy works with some of the best global academic institutions, industry partners, innovation ecosystems and subject matter experts to create cutting edge programmes in line with Industry requirements. The DICE Academy leverages the latest technologies and blends it with a world-class campus infrastructure to give participants an immersive learning experience.