GlobalGyan Academy announces Laksh Leaders, a Life-skills and Leadership Program for school students


Mumbai : To prepare school students with 21st century skills of critical thinking, communication and confidence, GlobalGyan Academy of Management Education, has launched its Youth Leadership Programs, Laksh and Laksh Junior. The programs offered to students of Grades 5 to 7 (Laksh Junior) and Grades 8 to 10 (Laksh) are designed to build the life-skills that are essential for their future. Students participate in a two-month long bootcamp-style learning model, which includes live instructor-led classes, assignments, group projects, quizzes and video content.

The Laksh Leaders programs provide an experiential learning to students to unleash & discover their capabilities. The interactive workshops and activities help build the next generation’s five essential mindsets –Problem-solving, Persuasive Communication, Leadership, Creativity and Wealth-creation. The programs are designed by corporate leaders and coaches with significant leadership experience.

Elaborating on the company’s approach, Srinivasa Addepalli, CEO of GlobalGyan Academy, said, “GlobalGyan has conducted learning programs for thousands of professionals and leaders. In 2019, we launched the CII Smart Manager program for college students to improve their job readiness. For the first time, we are excited to extend our knowledge & present a vision to middle and high school students. This aligns with our purpose of democratizing access to high-quality, practical learning.”

“It is important for every child to learn life-skills beyond the academic curriculum, irrespective of the career path. It becomes tougher to learn skills like critical thinking and communication as one approaches adulthood. Our Laksh Leaders programs are designed to make youngsters think and do, not by teaching them but by guiding and challenging them. We want to give wings to every child’s ambitions!” he further adds.

The Laksh Leaders programs are conducted in small groups that enable the youngsters to build new social networks and learn from diversity. In a telling comment about how engaging the learning is, one of the participants said, “I did not switch tabs even once during the sessions.”

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