GlobalGyan reinforces commitment to bridge the present Skills Gap in India

GlobalGyan Academy of Management Education, a Ratan Tata invested Edtech start-up, organized its first panel discussion, to reinforce the need for continuous investment in “Present Skills”, the core skills that are necessary for all professionals to be successful. These skills, also referred to as the 21st Century Skills include critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.


Through this discussion, GlobalGyan conveyed the idea of “future” skills, and how meaningful it is, only if we think of skilling and working as sequential. Right now, India has a huge gap even with Present Skills. Most college students and professionals are weak in the competencies that are necessary for career growth and business innovation. In addition to competences such as critical thinking and communication, the knowledge of prevalent technologies such Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain is quite weak amongst all professionals.


The discussion spoke about how Covid-19 will increase the employability challenge for those who are not prepared with the Present Skills: most corporates have, over the past 12 months, been working on productivity increases through automation and process improvements. Even as we return to “normalcy”, these measures will continue, thereby putting pressure on job creation.


Another glaring gap which was highlighted is the entrepreneurial skills. The next 10 years will require 100mn jobs to created. This implies that 100,000 new businesses have to be created. There is a huge need for the development of entrepreneurial and leadership skills, not just amongst college students but many professionals.


Blaming the education system will not solve this issue. The corporate world has to play an active role in the development of talent, amongst both freshers and employees. GlobalGyan works with leading corporates in capability development through live and self-paced learning programs. As a knowledge partner of CII’s Smart Manager certification programme and a platform partner of NASSCOM FutureSkills, GlobalGyan offers job-readiness and career-progression skilling programs to students and professionals.


Srinivasa Addepalli, co-founder and CEO of GlobalGyan Academy said, “Just as our immunity system is the best personal defense against the coronavirus, we need to build similar professional immunity amidst the uncertainty. Learning and skill building help us develop professional immunity.”


“At GlobalGyan, we are committed to assisting our clients and learners in building the capabilities needed for the future. Our faculty network brings hundreds of years of expertise in contemporary issues and our digital platforms enable us to reach their high-quality content to thousands of learners.” he further adds.


The real jobs crisis is the huge gap between available skills and available jobs.



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