Globally Train Me Academy Launched Talking Parrots a Therapeutic Language and Speech Rehabilitation Centre Online for Children in Response to Pandemic

New Delhi:  Communication plays major role in our life, communicating through eyes or expression or words we are able to put everything in their place. Such is Talking Parrot. Talking Parrot is one of its kind. Under the umbrella of Train Me Academy Talking Parrot a therapeutic language and speech rehabilitation centre was launched on 28th June online in Facebook Live platform globally, through an orientation webinar and then followed by a Talk Show on Knowledge sharing on the TOPIC-Unfolding the Importance of Amazing Techniques to Treat Stammering and Stuttering in Kids.

The Webinar Talk Show was hosted by Train Me Academy. The webinar Architect by Ms. Anjali Dutta, She is – Educator, Entrepreneur, HR Professional, International Motivational Speaker, Communication Expert. She is a Subject Matter expert in PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT–Language and Speech trainer and Founder Director of Train Me Academy. The Chief Guest of the webinar was DR. Chidatmika Khatua (Director of Sushruta Hospital and Trauma Center, Odisha)

On this Occasion Ms. Anjali Dutta PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT EXPERT-Language and Speech trainer and Founder Director of Train Me Academy said Talking Parrot is a new venture which is into online rehabilitation center-for Stammering and Stuttering solutions for children suffering from Speech related problems under age group of 4 -12 years.

She also added that unveiling one of most effective ways to get rid of your habituated conversational shortcomings Stuttering and Stammering not a magic wand but it comes with different techniques and can be cured in (2-6 months). The therapeutic approach to bring about a change in conversational ability is new way of establishing connect with Happy Living as most of children suffering from stammering and stuttering in early childhood grow upto becoming   anxious adults which leads to despair.

Dr. Chidatmika Khatua (Director of Sushruta Hospital and Trauma Centre, Odisha) also a General Secretary of Private School & Children Welfare Association(PSACWA, India) Odisha and the chief Guest of the webinar said since she is very closely associate with children and instrumental in education related social ventures pan India and Globally she said this webinar is very educative more and more this type of webinar should be taken so that more parents of those children can get aware about it and build a better future for their kids from early age just by sitting at home.

It was an illuminating chapter for the parents that stammering at early age diagnosed is significantly curable by Speech therapy and understanding the specific need of child and level of problem .The child has to be treated by regular practice of therapy and exercises along with building up lot of self-esteem and confidence .The fool proof remedy is definitely not available however  a mix of change in behaviour ,through educating Emotional Intelligence and thought process and significantly change in approach that it should be first accepted by parents and kids themselves to find solutions .Acceptance to this problem is the biggest challenge.

Speech and language therapy during and beyond COVID-19: building back better with people who have communication and swallowing needs – reveals that lockdown had a negative impact on people’s communication and swallowing, as well as on their access to speech and language therapy, but, this type of webinar will definitely help parents and children as it discussed various techniques of Stammering cure  in length and was able to create learning climate for all the audience and webinar participants .



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