Globus Infocom unveils Virtual Classroom Solutions

Noida: Globus Virtual Classroom is an educational solution which allows demographically-isolated students and teachers to interact with each other, share content and perform various pedagogical tasks collaboratively. The platform is devised specifically to connect people from different parts of the globe making education accessible and bring them together to simulate a real-life classroom environment implementing modern teaching practices.

Available in hardware as well as a software-based solution, it aims to provide a convenient and hassle-free solution, which only requires a Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone and a reasonably good internet speed regardless of time and place. Our user-friendly application ensures uninterrupted learning even on the go.

Types available:

· Server-Based Virtual Classroom Solution

· Cloud-Based Virtual Classroom Solution


On the Hardware part, it runs through Touch/Non touch display, a full HD video the conferencing camera along with omni directional microphone with inbuilt speakers.The software Learning Management System (LMS)is an integral part of this unique solution and functions as an elaborate and user-friendly online learning platform to host virtual sessions.

Key Features

· Cloud-Based and/or Server-Based Solution

· High end camera delivers high definition visuals without consuming too much of internet bandwidth.

· Interactive whiteboard features along with the east to convey, view and share videos, images, presentations, documents or any media file.

· Advanced features of content/notes broadcasting, instant invite, you tube integration

· Communicate through different tools such as chat, open discussion boards, polls along with ease of multi-media content and social media sharing

· Features of multisite audio and video communication, live conferencing, scheduling and session recording

· Comes with multilingual interfaces

· Interoperable with other learning applications, making it more productive and feature-rich.

· Multiple layout options available

· Cameras can be sourced to YouTube live videos/downloaded videos, Powerpoints too to allow visibility to users. Multiple camera views at a time

· Multiple content sharing in admin layout (Microsoft Power Point, Camera, Video, Live streaming)

Application Scenarios

Collages, Training Institutes, Universities, Organizations and many more.