GMC and AIIMS will share experiences with each other: MoU will soon be executed

Bhopal : Medical Education Minister Shri Vishwas Kailash Sarang informed that there is going to be an MoU between AIIMS Bhopal and Gandhi Medical College Bhopal for mutual participation in the fields of medical education, treatment and research. In this, the concerned AIIMS departments will share their knowledge and research. This will help medical students to develop new dimensions in medical teaching and research. By sharing experiences with each other, various aspects related to medical education and health will be redesigned.

Shri Sarang said that knowledge exchange is necessary for medical students to develop new dimensions in the field of medical education. Under this programme, doctors, teachers of nursing and paramedical of AIIMS Bhopal and Gandhi Medical College Bhopal will share their mutual experience through educational activities of medical, nursing and paramedical students.

Several topics related to medical education and research for the MoU have been identified for mutual participation. These include organising guest lectures, case presentations of specific diseases, technical medical collaboration in the treatment of complex diseases, collaboration for multi-disciplinary research, exchange of best practices in medicine from both institutions, determination of components of patient safety and professional antibiotic use and use of artificial intelligence in medical examination and treatment, etc.

Minister Shri Sarang said that today there is a need to develop new dimensions in the field of medical teaching and research for medical, nursing and paramedical students through the knowledge and research exchange in the field of medical education. Under this MoU, it has been decided to constitute a high level committee of doctors of AIIMS Bhopal and Gandhi Medical College Bhopal for the mutual implementation of various subjects. The committee will determine the subject and calendar of the series of lectures of the students.

Lectures, symposiums, workshops and group discussion activities will also be organised

In the discussion, multi-disciplinary research for endemic diseases will be promoted in the state. It was agreed to fix the subjects of the thesis of PG and PhD students of medicine and nursing in coordination with both the institutions and to guide and co-guide the thesis from both institutions. It was also decided to work effectively in the field of Good Practices, Medical Ethics, Clinical Trials, Medical Regulations and Medical Devices in the medical field.

At the programme organised today in AIIMS, Bhopal, along with the Minister Shri Sarang, Governing Body of AIIMS Bhopal’s Chairman Dr. Y.K. Gupta, Commissioner of Medical Education Shri Nishant Warwade, Director of AIIMS Bhopal Dr. Sarman Singh, Director of Medical Education Dr. Ulka Shrivastava, Dean AIIMS Dr. Rajesh Malik, Gandhi Medical College Dean Dr. Aruna Kumar, Dr. Rakesh Malviya of GMC Medical Teachers Association, Dr. Sanjeev Gaur, Dr. Lokendra Dave and doctors and teachers of AIIMS Bhopal were present.


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