GO ZERO MOBILITY feeding More than 1000 people including the daily wagers and Below Poverty Line (BPL)

New Delhi: Pledging its support towards India’s fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, GoZero Mobility- a British Electric Bike makers, known for manufacturing premium electric performance bikes and signature lifestyle merchandise, today announced two initiatives “GoZero Feeding Kolkata” and “The GoZero Heroes” in an effort to support the people of India in fighting the pandemic. The company is providing essential food and will also be recognizing the efforts invested by the COVID-19 warriors fighting around the clock to save the nation from virus.

As a part of the support and under its initiative “GoZero Feeding Kolkata”, GoZero team shall be carrying out activities to distribute food packets to the people in need. This will start from 11th of April. More than 1000 people including the daily wagers and Below Poverty Line (BPL) families in Kolkata are expected to be benefited from the concerted efforts of the company.

Furthermore, to acknowledge the efforts of the real heroes who are rendering fearless services as healthcare workers with the initiative “The GoZero Heroes”, the company will honour 3 frontline healthcare workers from the city of Kolkata to provide them with the flagship GoZero Ebike and a Badge of Honour.

Speaking about this endeavor of GoZero Mobility, Mr. Ankit Kumar, GoZero Mobility CEO said, “With the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world is going through challenging times indeed. It has resulted in global chaos and loss of thousands of lives. Governments across the world have been deploying measures and solutions to tackle the pandemic. In such an unprecedented and crucial situation, it is pertinent that we stand strong and show the best of humanity to combat this battle.

In an effort to support the people of Kolkata in fighting the pandemic, we have decided to carry out two activities in the City of Kolkata. With our initiative GoZero Feeding Kolkata and The GoZero Heroes is our endeavor to empower the less privileged ones and honour the real heroes. Keeping our spirits high, GoZero Mobility will make all efforts to bring a positive difference and emerge as winners in this fight against the pandemic.