GobalGyan Academy launches Virtual Learning Programs to build next – gen leadership mindsets

Mumbai: One of the leading EdTech start-ups in the continuing learning market, GlobalGyan Academy of Management Education has announced a series of blended learning programs to build Next-gen Leadership mindsets. The programs, offered at multiple levels, are between Rs 500 and Rs 3000 to make these widely available and affordable to all learners.


The program is designed for working professionals as well as college students seeking jobs. GlobalGyan helps professionals build the five mindsets of next-gen leadership: Digital, Learning, Influencing, Decisive and Resilient mindsets. In addition to these open programs, the company also offers customised management development programs for its corporate clients.


The first series of programs include a program on Critical Thinking & Problem Solving as well as the highly popular, Make Presentations Like a Pro. Other upcoming topics are Managing Change Amid Uncertainty, Influencing & Motivating Teams, and Digital Thinking & Elasticity. These programs combine the convenience of self-paced learning on GlobalGyan’s mobile app (4-5 hours) with the conversation of live learning sessions with the faculty (2-4 hours).


These career development courses help professionals develop practical abilities to deal with the complexity and uncertainty of a post-Covid world. The programs are taught by industry leaders on GlobalGyan’s digital learning platform.


Elaborating on the company’s approach, Mr. Srinivasa Addepalli, co-founder & CEO of GlobalGyan Academy said, “Today, we have all the information and computing power that we need, yet, it is becoming tougher to take decisions and manage businesses. Our courses are designed to help Indian professionals develop leadership mindsets and build requisite skills, with content that is practical and contextual. Professional skill development is the need of the hour.”


Launched in 2016, GlobalGyan has been working with leading corporates including Tata group companies, DP World, and Godrej group companies. The company’s angel investors include Mr. Ratan Tata, Dr. Jagdish Sheth and several other business leaders in India and overseas.