Good Luck on Your Side: Pass Microsoft MS-100 Exam with Practice Tests and Get Your Certification in No Time!

Computer science is a relatively new field, but it has grown at an exponential rate. Nowadays, almost every company out there is using it to make sure that all the operations run smoothly. This has increased the demand for the IT experts, and not just any experts, but the certified professionals. There are many certification vendors that you can find right now but not all of them as good as others.

When you talk about the top providers in the Microsoft IT Certifications , one of the first names that come to mind is Microsoft. The company has a pretty elaborate certification program that is a lifebuoy for a lot of IT specialists from around the world. No matter which credential you pursue, you will need to pass the corresponding exam(s). So, with this in mind, here we will take a closer look at the Microsoft MS-100 test that is a prerequisite for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certificate Download Free Here .

Microsoft MS-100 Exam Features

It is important to mention that IT Certifications Real Tests is a part of a series of two exams required for the badge we mentioned above. The second test is Microsoft MS-101. You have to pass both the exams in order to obtain your expert-level credential.

Microsoft MS-100 is intended for those candidates who know how to work with Microsoft 365 services. So, you should only go for this test if you are well-versed with these services. The exam lasts 2 hours and you will have to attempt 40 to 60 questions in various formats and types. The pass mark is 700 points and the fee for this test is $165. The topics that you will need to study are as follows:

  • Implementing and Developing Microsoft 365 Services (25-30%);
  • Managing User Identity and Roles (35-40%);
  • Operating Authentication and Access (20-25%);
  • Planning Office 365 Workloads and Applications (10-15%).

Passing this certification exam isn’t going to be easy so that you need to make sure that you explore all these objectives in a great manner Visit Link Here .

Microsoft MS-100 Preparation Options

Preparing for Microsoft MS-100 won’t be so hard if you know where to find the right resources and if you are ready to spend some time and effort during your preparation phase. You can find some study materials for this exam directly on the official webpage. You can choose one of two ways, one is free and the other is paid.

If you opt for the free variant, you will have to study and understand everything on your own. But if you go for the paid route, you will be trained by a certified instructor. Lastly, you should download as many practice tests as you can attempt. With these practice questions, you can identify the areas that require additional work Visit Website Here .


Here is what you need to know about the Microsoft MS-100 exam. If you are someone who knows how to work with Microsoft 365 services and wants to verify the expert-level skills, then this is the right option for you.

Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies in the world that offers many certifications. If you are able to earn at least one of them, you can turn tables. Once you obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certificate, you can get a decent job that comes with a higher salary. So, ace the MS-100 exam as soon as possible if you want to steer your career in the right direction Visit Link Here .

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