Government Degree College, Ukhral celebrates World Health Day

Ukhral: Government Degree College, Ukhral in collaboration with 12th- RR Battalion today celebrated “World Health Day” in college campus on the theme of “Building a Fairer and Healthier World”.
Professor Iftikhar Hussain, Assistant Nursing, Rahul Kumar and others were present on the occasion.
Speaking on the occasion, Principal of host college, Dr. Ranvijay Singh stressed on the need to develop mental health. He emphasized on the necessity to educate and aware the masses about mental health and encourage them to talk about the topic. He quoted numerous health workers and their contribution to the World Health Organization.
Referring to the second wave of COVID-19, he made the participants aware about the importance of maintaining physical distance and wearing face masks.
Army Officer, Bharat Singh from RR 12th Battalion highlighted the looming danger of Covid-19 and the ways of protection from this deadly virus. Interactive session was also held where health officers answered many queries of students regarding Covid-19.