Government made arrangements to bring back 60 students of Kangra district from Chandigarh

Dharamshala: 60 students from different areas of Kangra district said that they have reached back safe from the woes of lockdown in TRAI City Chandigarh, all due to the help by Himachal Government.These student arrived back on Sunday.

A government official said that due to the successful efforts of the Himachal government, 60 students of Kangra district of Himachal,who were trapped in a lockdown in the Tri City Chandigarh, have been safely transported to their families after the health check up, through HRTC buses today.Beside these students, their parents have also appreciated the decision to bring back the trapped students and thanked the Jairam government.

Many students from Himachal approach TRAI City Chandigarh for coaching to various entrance examinations and stay in TRAI City ether in paying guest houses or rented room . Many of such students have arrangement of food in dhabas/ hotels . After the announcement of the lockdown, the misery of these students was bound to increase, due to the closure of the dhabas/hotels, many students had also exhausted their pocket money too .

Official said that in the meantime, the Himachal government has prepared an action plan for the students living in other states and for those who have lost their jobs. A helpline numbers have also been shared and after April 26, through HRTC buses in a phased manner, obeying social distance and medical checkups the operation of bringing back these stranded in different parts of the country, started. This decision has ended the worries of many families and students.