Government of Canada proposes to include new freight rail data in Transportation Information Regulations to help strengthen Canada’s supply chain infrastructure

Ottawa:  Canada’s freight rail system is a key component of the national supply chain, moving more than 332 million tons of essential Canadian goods each year.

Today, the Minister of Transport, the Honourable Omar Alghabra, announced proposed amendments to the Transportation Information Regulations to collect new freight rail information to enhance the transparency and competitiveness of the freight rail system.

The proposed amendments to the Transportation Information Regulations would require class 1 rail carriers to report to Transport Canada on waybill, traffic, and service and performance information, for the benefit of all rail users.

These new reporting requirements would provide rail users and the public with much more relevant and precise information relating to rail service and performance. The amendments reflect the Government of Canada’s commitment to strengthening Canada’s supply chains in support of the broader economy.

A 60-day public consultation period follows the publication of the proposed amendments to the Transportation Information Regulations in Canada Gazette, Part I. The feedback collected will be considered in the development of the final regulations.

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