Government of Canada supports Canadian innovation in tackling plastic packaging waste

Ontario: Plastic pollution is a growing problem globally, affecting both the economy and the environment. Canadian businesses are among the best positioned to find innovative solutions to prevent plastic waste and to advance a circular economy for plastics while considering the environmental, social, and economic impacts. This is why the Government of Canada is supporting small and medium-sized businesses in developing innovative ideas and technologies to come up with sustainable alternative packaging and move Canada towards zero plastic waste.

Today, the Government of Canada is announcing the winner of the Canadian Plastics Innovation Challenge on Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Packaging. This Challenge is sponsored by Environment and Climate Change Canada as part of the Innovative Solutions Canada program. Magemi Mining Inc., based in Markham, Ontario, will receive up to $1 million to develop a prototype of its proposed sustainable alternative to plastic packaging, a reduced graphene oxide reinforced recycled paper. This product is durable, highly recyclable, and could replace single-use plastic in various applications, such as plastic grocery bags, while maintaining convenience and accessibility.

Single-use plastic products and packaging are a priority area for action for the Government of Canada as they account for almost half of the plastic waste generated in Canada every year. These products are typically designed to be thrown away after one use and often last hundreds of years in landfills and the environment. Participants in the Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Packaging Challenge were asked to develop new alternative reusable or recyclable products and product systems that can replace one or more single-use plastic packaging products.

The Innovative Solutions Canada program is a key component of the government’s Innovation and Skills Plan, a multi-year plan to make Canada a global innovation leader and prepare Canadians to succeed in tomorrow’s economy. As a part of the program, the Canadian Plastics Innovation Challenges support Canadian-made technologies and Canada’s vision of a zero plastic waste future.